#BloomBlogWeek: Come join the Book-tastic time at Bloom


Hello folks- remember when I teased about some super fun news on my Facebook page? WELL THIS IS IT. It’s here folks. This is NOT  drill- #bloomblogweek is happening now and if you aren’t in Bloom ( www.areyouinbloom.com) you are MISSING out. Go on, click that link and join. I’ll wait. 😉

In all seriousness, if you love books (and I KNOW you love books if you are at my blog) then this group is one you should be part of. First, they have over 40 Tall Poppy Authors so SOMEONE is writing something that is your jam. Secondly, super supportive of readers. Like CRAZY supportive. Third, they are always having something fun cooked up there  (special guests, giveaways, etc). Fourth, if you want to know the best bookish news- these ladies know it. Again, what are you waiting for- join Bloom now!

Ok so now that you have joined Bloom or popped over there to see my post- you see that I am giving away 2 books- Jessica Strawser’s debut, Almost Missed You, and The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Algier.

Jessica Strawser and I became Twitter friends over a The Golden Girls GIF and well… life has never been the same.

Why I loved Almost Missed You: “I loved this domestic drama. I could not read fast enough to find out what happened to Violet and Finn, how they could go from happy to him kidnapping their child and blackmailing his best friend.”


The other book I am giving away is The Banker’s Wife and I just have to say that if you HAVEN’T read it- you are missing out.

Why I loved The Banker’s Wife: “And I was HOOKED. I read a good deal of thriller/suspense/mystery and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Except that sometimes I spot the twists or figure out the secrets early. I can honestly say that in The Banker’s Wife- I did not have those feelings. I didn’t figure out where Cristina taking us, but boy did I enjoy the ride!!!”


Anyway, I didn’t want my readers of Traveling With T to miss out- so pop over to Bloom, ask to join and you’ll get approved pretty quickly, find my post, comment to enter (sorry US only!) and then sit back and check out the other bloggers posting because there will be others and we are ALL giving away a book.


*Have you joined Bloom yet? Have you entered my giveaway yet?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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