National Camera Day

I love cameras. I love taking photos. I love being in photos. I even love selfies. I’ve always loved taking photos- of friends, of the perfect setting, the butterflies dancing in my flowers, my nieces, my cats, my beloved dog.

A camera is never far from my hands. Even in the days of Iphones (and I don’t deny that they do take great photos) I still generally have my Canon T3I near me.

Someone once asked me why I love to take photos- and my glib reply is “So when I’m 90, I can look back at photos and say I’ve had a fun life.” But more the real answer is: So I have memories to cherish. I can look back at photos and recall things- the smell in the air, or maybe what was happening outside the frame of the photo, or was that the Christmas that I got the best toy ever?

When I was younger, my mom took pictures. Of course that was in the day of film and having to wait to get photos developed (no 1 hour photo then!) and sometimes photos were relegated to special days- birthdays, family events, holidays. Today, I’m only limited in what I can take in storage (and I keep plenty of SD cards) or battery power.

So for me….. taking photos is like breathing air. It doesn’t have to be a special day. Any day is a good day to pull out your camera and snap a picture- a sunset, a day at the pool, a beautiful flower, a snowcone, your child being silly- the options are limitless!!!!!


Some of my fave photos- snapped by me or that have me in them šŸ™‚


And some more…..


And even more….


*Do you have a camera or just use your Iphone? Do you love taking pictures?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

6 thoughts on “National Camera Day

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous post! I hate the way things have gone with cameras (I know I sound so old!!) I’d love things to be the way they used to, where you HAD to print every single photo. I feel like we waste so many having them on a device when we could be leafing through an album!

  2. So many great, beautiful pics! So many memories! You can probably guess my favorite? Sir Thomas in his T-shirt! Because it makes me think of the walk! I do still have my really nice digital SLR, but Iā€™m not good at using it anymore! I take way too many pics from my Samsung phone and iPad! I love that you still use your camera. Hopefully it will inspire me to do the same!

  3. Adorable photos I just had to come and take a peek! I want to improve my photo taking so am thinking about what to use. I have to admit I bought then on sold a DSLR when I found it challenging to use!

    • Thanks! A DSLR can be a pain to use at times. I love my Canon T3I and feel it’s pretty self explanatory- but there are features that I never use b/c I haven’t had time to test it out!

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