Book Spotlight: Second Story Man by Charles Salzberg

Today, I have a book spotlight of Charles Salzberg’s latest, Second Story Man, which has a blurb from one of my FAVE writers Hank Phillippi Ryan!!!

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Second Story Man

 Francis Hoyt, arrogant, athletic, brilliant, manipulative and ruthless, is a master burglar. He specializes in stealing high-end silver, breaking into homes that seem impenetrable. He’s never been caught in the act, although he has spent some time in prison on a related charge, time he used to hone his craft and make valuable connections.

One day, Charlie Floyd, brilliant, stubborn, an experienced investigator, who has recently retired from his job with the attorney general’s department for the state of Connecticut, receives a phone call from Manny Perez, a Cuban-American Miami police detective. Perez, who’s worked with Floyd previously, wants to enlist the former investigator in his efforts to put an end to Francis Hoyt’s criminal career. Floyd accepts the offer and they team up to bring Hoyt to justice.

As Floyd and Perez get closer to their prey, Hoyt finds out they’re after him and rather than backing down, he taunts them, daring them to bring him in. As the story develops, the stakes get higher and higher, until the three men confront each other in a stunning climax.


Praise for Second Story Man:

“Salzberg has perfected the existential crime novel.”
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha, and Mary Higgins Clark Award-Winning Author

“From one absorbing character to another, this is a gripping and totally rewarding read.”
—David Swinson, author of The Second Girl and Crime Song

“Salzberg is a superb wordsmith, with an honest ear for dialogue, and a delight in plot twists. If you’re not already a Salzberg fan, read this book; you will become one.”
—Michael Sears, Edgar Award Nominee and Shamus Award Winner for Black Friday



Photo Credit: Down and Out Books

*Have you added Second Story Man to your TBR list?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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