#AMonthOfFaves: The Books That Made Me Go “Ehhh”….

Today’s #AMonthOfFaves is: The Most Unique, Weird or Memorable Book(s) Read This Year #AMonthofFaves. My interpretation is: The Books That Made Me Go “Ehhhhhhhh”.


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Today’s prompt: Wed. | Dec 20The Most Unique, Weird or Memorable Book(s) Read This Year #AMonthofFaves – books you did not finish, were super weird, characters you disliked, book award winners (from this year) you read and didn’t like, books you didn’t think you would like, but you did.


All By Myself, Alone: It pains me to include a MHC book in this list, but darn it- Willy and Alvirah just grate my nerves after awhile. Alvirah is just not really likeable and after 2 books back to back where Willy & Alvirah are featured quite prominently in the book- well, Momma needs a drink. Multiple. Overall, the book is ok, but it def is NOT my fave.


The Young Wives Club: I really wished I’d taken heed to the blogger I saw reviewing this book as she said she was too old for it. However, she’s probably 10 years older than me- so I thought maybe I’d be ok. Heck, I’m somewhere in my 30’s and I felt too old for parts of this book. I was sucked in by the cover and the small town setting- but put off my the immature ways of (especially) one of these wives… In the end, the book had some saving graces because it became about lessons to our young wives on reaching YOUR full potential and NOT hitching your wagons to other people’s star power. But STILLLLLLLLLL……… When my nieces are older, I’m going to have a serious talking with them about if I ever hear that they want to drop out of high school to marry their HS boyfriend who is going to college to play football. No,no, nope! You get your HS diploma and if it’s true love- you’ll marry them later. Because you never know when he’ll tear his ACL or trade in your for a newer model.


Only Daughter: I thought this book was going to be a great read. But it just didn’t pan out. Then, when everything went to crazy town and you found out who the bad people in the book was (with a very vivid scene that cat lovers should never read) well….. Nope.


*Have you read any of the above books?*


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4 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves: The Books That Made Me Go “Ehhh”….

  1. I have not read any of these books you’ve mentioned here, but I also hate to see a MHC novel on your list! It’s been quite some time since I’ve read one of hers, but she was one of my first favorite authors (SO many years ago!) and it’s amazing how long she has been successfully writing.

    • I came very late to the MHC game- I only started reading her in the last 10 years. Her later books are still (for the most part) enjoyable, but they are not as suspenseful/thrilling as some of the earlier ones. However, she’s been writing for YEARS and I love that she still goes out and does it!

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