Happy New Year- hello 2017!

Happy New Year


Today is the first day of 2017. In my neck of the woods, it’s been a dreary day- foggy at times, grey all day. Some rain. It’s been a day for staying in the house. Watching TV and movies. I started watching some of Season 1 of The Blacklist. I read a good bit of The Sleeping Beauty Killer. I’ve cuddled with my cats. I’ve rested. I’ve took the day for rest for my mind, body and soul. I’ve worn my glasses and had my hair pulled up into a “messy hair, don’t care” bun and my comfy slippers have not left my feet today.

It’s not the day that I imagined for the first day of 2017. I wanted there to be sunshine. To have an important feel of the day- waking up and feeling all Superwoman/Wonder Woman-ish. To proudly declare that 2017 is THE YEAR. The year for whatever. The year for love. The year for being healthy. The year for figuring out things I want to do in life. The year for travel. The year for all my dreams- even the ones I’m too afraid to say out loud to happen.

I’m not making resolutions this year. I’m not anti-resolutions, but I feel this year- I’m going to wing it. I know some things that I need to work on and some things that I want to do. The only thing close to a resolution that I aim to do is to write my Dear Universe letter- the one where I talk about all the things that I am open to in life.

Today may have not gone like I had imagined or hoped and the year may not have started off with the bang like I had thought it would, but I realized that I need days like today. Quiet sometimes gets confused with lazy and just because I did not Wonder Woman myself through the day does not mean anything. It just means that I took a day to recharge my batteries. To rest. To fill my soul with things that make me happy. And to prepare Β myself for 2017.

May 2017 be all that you need, want and desire. And may there be many books for you to read.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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15 thoughts on “Happy New Year- hello 2017!

  1. Happy New Year!!

    We actually had a beautiful, sunny day in the 50’s.

    It is to be nice tomorrow too, and then the temps are going to drop into the 20’s. I guess it is January in Pennsylvania. πŸ™‚

    ENJOY your reading in 2017, and Happy Blogging.

    My first post of the year and my first book of the year is in the link below.

    Happy New Year!!
    Silver’s Reviews
    My First Book Of The Year

  2. Nice lazy days are good too – I think that they help re-charge you for some of the tough days ahead. I had a similar day. It was grey and rainy in NC so I read a little and napped a little and then read some more. Tomorrow I’m ready for whatever comes my way – and I hope you are too

  3. Happy new year! I’ve also just relaxed today and I’m pretty alright with that as a start to my year. I’ll go to back to being productive when I go back to work on Tuesday πŸ™‚

  4. Happy New Year, dear T! I think your quiet New Year’s day signals a calm and peaceful year ahead. And I love your idea of the Dear Universe letter! I hope the universe provides you with all that you desire.

  5. lorispielman says:

    Happy New Year, T! I think your quiet day signals a calm and peaceful year ahead. I love your Dear Universe idea, and I hope the universe provides everything you desire.

    • Thank you!!! I’m hoping the same. My new niece arrives in just a few weeks- so I’m not sure how quiet things are going to be, but I’m hoping for peaceful! I’m still working on my Dear Universe letter, but I hope the Universe listens πŸ™‚

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