#AMonthOfFaves2016: Keep It! Purchases that were totally worth it #IRegretNothing


#AMonthOfFaves2016 is days away from saying good-bye! Have you been having fun? More importantly- have you checked out Tanya @ GirlXOXO and Andi at Estella’s Revenge posts?


Today’s Topic:

Wed. | Dec. 21 –Keep It! 5 Purchases That Were Totally Worth It #IRegretNothing #AMonthofFaves 2016 – what did you buy this year – big or small – that you love, bought more of, got your monies worth

The Worth It Purchases of 2016

1. Memory cards for my camera. Back when my dad was buying me memory cards for my camera for Christmas- just a few years ago- large GB cards were going for 50 or more bucks. Now, I can get 64GB cards for around 20 bucks. More memory cards gives me more chances to work on the perfect shot or to devote entire cards to the adventures of my niece, Alexa.

2. Buffer. I have used Buffer for years as a free tool. Last year, in November, I purchased the Awesome plan and said to myself- 1 year of Buffer- if at time for renewal- it’s not been worth the money- I’ll switch back to free Buffer.  Ya’ll… I know there are many other programs out there, but I heart Buffer and it’s totes been worth all the pennies I put into it!

3. Plants, gardening supplies, and soil. Enough said.

4. My cooling pillow. I found this pillow at Sam’s Club for 20 bucks that when you squeeze it or lay your head on it- it releases a cool icy feeling. I LOVE the pillow.

5. My gold glitter White Mountain Horizon Sandals. I’ve been a fan of flip-flops for years, but as I get (gasp!) older, I’ve really started understanding that flip-flops do not have much support (which in my 20’s I was less concerned with, but in my 30’s- I am all about some support!) But I did not, did not, did not want to wear my tennis shoes all the time. So one day, when my mom and I were getting nails done- after getting my shellac polish on, instead of waiting in there while she was finishing her mani/pedi- I walked to DSW Shoes and fell in love with these sandals. They are GOLD. They have Glitter. They are perfection (looking!) AND THEY ARE FREAKING COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I get stopped everywhere- the grocery store, walking at the mall, going to the movies- about where did I get these shoes!

6. Lush’s Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. I’m a big fan of exfoliating- especially in the summer as I spend more time in the pool covered with sunscreen. I was loving Bath and Body Works exfoliating products, until they started having more of a sugar scrub- they feel amazing, but the oily feel in the shower is not the best (nor the safest!) feeling. I picked up this Lush product on a whim because I needed to be able to exfoliate without worrying that I was going to break my neck in the shower and I must say that it gives me that soft feeling, but does not make my shower feel slick. YAY!

*What have you purchased this year that you LOVED?*

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10 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves2016: Keep It! Purchases that were totally worth it #IRegretNothing

    • With Awesome plan, you can schedule out 200 buffer posts per account. I don’t always have that many scheduled out at one time- BUT I usually have between 75-100 scheduled at any given time. You can also link more than one type of account ( like more than 1 Twitter account- which I find useful.

      It’s not THAT much different than the free version, honestly- it’s just allowed me to blog in a different way- I can plan ahead more (example- I’ve got some tweets scheduled for as far as March and April!)

    • It’s a social media scheduling tool- you can link Twitter, etc to it and it will send out your tweets/posts at times you specify OR you can set it up to go out at times Buffer sees your account getting higher levels of engagement.

      Josie Maran body butter is DIVINE. I just got the 2oz version of Apple Crisp and can’t wait for my exfoliating/shower routine tonight so I can try it!

    • It would probably be best to look it up- it has a FAQ section and everything. It’s a social media scheduling tool that really helps me save time- I can log in and schedule out social media posts at various times throughout day or months- and it just posts it all for me!

      I saw your purchase! LOVE!

  1. Those sandals are like fancy Birkenstocks. I like ’em! As someone with an old lady ankle, I am all about support so I understand the need to move up from flip flops to something more sturdy.

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