Happy Halloween, ya’ll….

Happy Halloween everyone! While tonight will be rather calm on the spook-tacular front ( living in rural areas- we don’t get trick or treaters!) I will be bringing in the cats tonight as I have 2 black cats and don’t want anyone getting any ideas about them.


Yesterday, I went to Trunk or Treat with my niece- and it was a blast. (Hot, though!) The area was a-buzz with excitement and the whole event was run VERY well- it was good, clean fun for the kiddos.

Miss A went as Elsa and she was by far the cutest Elsa at Trunk or Treat 🙂


Alexa loves candy, but she would take a piece or 2 and then say “Thank you” which I loved (because Queens are all about charm and grace 😉

There was music, games, food and plenty of places to sit down and just rest. Plus ice-cream was provided for the kids at one end!

Costume-wise, I saw many Disney princess costumes- but I also saw some really creative ones ( kids dressed as Legos, a cupcake, and some great family themes!)

My sweet little Elsa had a grand time and ruled her kingdom with the charm and grace of a gracious queen. I had to laugh at all the people that knew her and would come running over for pictures or to ask if she was having a good time.

My brother dressed up for Trunk or Treat- can you guess who he was?



All in all- it was a great event.


Happy Halloween to you and yours- may there be more treats thank tricks tonight for you!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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