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Hey readers! Today is a cover reveal of Nashville by Heart- Tina Ann Forkner’s latest book. Who is Tina? Well, she’s an author, she’s a Tall Poppy Writer, and she has the cutest cover that is about to be revealed!

When Adria at Velvet Morning Press contacted me about hosting this cover reveal, I knew this cover would be nice looking- but I had no idea how much it would make me want to kick my flip flops off, grab me a pair of cowboy boots, and find me a hunk-alicious cowboy to buy me a drink 😉


*clapping hands* Are you ready to meet Nashville by Heart?


Nashville by Heart by Tina Ann Forkner

Photo Credit: Provided by Velvet Morning Press- July 5, 2016

Summary provided by Velvet Morning Press:

Nashville by Heart

By Tina Ann Forkner


Small town girl Gillian Heart moved to Nashville to get a record deal—not end up on some playboy’s arm. That’s why she tells herself she can’t get too personal with sexy music agent, Will Adams. Will makes her heart flutter, but he’s also broken plenty of hearts in this city.

Will thinks Gillian has what it takes to make it in Nashville, but he can’t help being wildly attracted to her in a way that has little to do with music. She inspires him to change his ways, but he’s still wary about mixing business with pleasure. He did that once before and got burned.

But neither Will nor Gillian can deny the spark between them. As things heat up, Gillian dares to imagine a life with Will—even though she knows he’s not a forever kind of guy. And then Will makes a move—bringing back memories of the father who abandoned her—that makes her question him and her whole life in Nashville.

Can Gillian get over the disappointments of the past and find her place in Nashville, and with Will?


Isn’t it cowboy boot-licious? Someone, pass me a drink (and a cute cowboy!)


Here’s the excerpt (just to get you all excited for the July 5th publication date!)

Nashville by Heart

By Tina Ann Forkner



She really wished she’d worn her boots. One thing was for sure, Cinderella was wrong about the impression a fancy pair of shoes can make. She was now swaying like a bad line dancer.

“I’ve got you.” He definitely did. Gathering her dignity, she hoped he couldn’t see how he made blood rush to her head.

“You need to sit down or something, darlin’?”

So, he was one of those guys. The kind who called women darlin’, as if there was already some kind of connection between them. She hated the type, at least usually. There didn’t seem to be anything especially creepy about this guy though. His voice echoed concern.

She opened her mouth, and for the first time since she’d come to Nashville, she was speechless. Really? Now? Since thinking of something to say was impossible, she snapped it shut before she resembled Loretta, her pet goldfish.

“No… thanks. I’m OK,” she finally said, regaining her balance. He cautiously let go, then offered his hand to shake.

“Will Adams. And you are?”

She blinked. The Will Adams she’d come here to meet? Her heart drummed, and she could’ve sworn she heard a clang in her ears. Will Adams. Get yourself together, girl, she told herself, and she did.

“Gillian.” She stuck out her hand as calmly as she could, thinking maybe her luck was turning around—or getting worse. At this point it was hard to tell. He responded by wrapping his fingers around hers. They were warm, and he didn’t immediately let go, which gave her time to study his face. His relative success in the music business, and pictures she’d seen of him, had led her to assume he was at least in his forties. Up close, she could see he was only five or six years her senior, maybe around thirty or so.

“Do you have a last name, Gillian?” His gaze locked on hers.


He squinted, apparently pondering her name. His fingers, still wrapped gently around hers, made her forget for a split second why she was there.

“Gillian Heart,” he said. “Nice to meet you. Are you lost?”

“Lost?” Yes, but no. She shook her head. She wasn’t lost, even though he obviously didn’t remember cancelling their appointment not fifteen minutes ago.

Maybe she had misunderstood.

“I had an appointment with you,” she muttered. “Or at least I thought I did.” She stared at their hands, his grip gentle, but still securely holding hers in place.

He smiled, his blue eyes drawing her in like magic. She thought she might swoon with all the butterflies flitting around inside her chest, so she reached for a nearby countertop. He let her go. She closed her fingers into a fist, trapping the warmth inside.

You had an appointment with me?”

“I thought so.”

“Hmm. I don’t recall havin’ you on my schedule,” he drawled. He didn’t mention rescheduling. “Unfortunately I gotta run though. I’m havin’ lunch with—” He aimed a thumb toward the door, and Gillian suspected a brush off. She could see it now. He’d been interested in her, but as soon as he found out she was trying to get signed by him, he was finished.

“Audrey,” she said, inching toward the door. He inched after her. “Josie told me.”

He smiled again, making her knees turn to jelly. Trying not to wobble, she looked for a new place to rest her hand. The exit wasn’t close enough to grip, so he held his arm out like a dashing prince. This was very much like a fairytale, but it didn’t seem to be headed toward a happy ending at all.

“Right. Lunch with Audrey,” he said, staring at her hand for a minute, seeming to be pondering her presence in his lobby. “But hey, Gillian. You sing, right?”

“That’s why I’m here,” she said with what she knew was a goofy smile. She was definitely not in flirting mode. She reluctantly let go of his arm and took her chances, knowing it was pointless to hope he would be either a manager or a date now. Warmth filled her cheeks yet again. She was having quite the embarrassing day.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’ll let you get to your meeting now.”

“Why don’t you get some music to me?” he called after her. “I’ll give it a listen, as an apology for cancelling our meeting.”

She stopped short. “Really?”

Holy cow. What should she do? She patted her tiny skirt pockets, as if the answer could be in there, then remembered her purse.

“Oh, then in that case I have something now.”

She dug through her purse like a mad woman, her heart pounding, until she produced a CD with her name written on the case in red permanent marker.

He chuckled. “Old school, are we?”

Her face, already flushed, was now like a flame lighting a watchtower. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course, probably nobody used CDs any more. They’d email a digital file or something. Maybe hand him a thumb drive. Send him to a website, which she didn’t have. She’d listed herself on some aspiring artist sites but couldn’t even remember which ones they were. She took back the CD. No wonder she didn’t have a record deal yet. Heck, do they still call them record deals?

“I’m sorry.” She attempted to stuff the CD back in her purse. “I recorded it at home… uh… back in… my hometown, you know, we didn’t have a… never mind. I guess it is old school.”

“You don’t say.” His eyes softened. “I like old school.”


tina ann forkner

Provided by Velvet Morning Press

Find Tina: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Website.

Award-winning author Tina Ann Forkner wrangles words on the pages of her Women’s Fiction and Romance novels and kids in the classroom as a substitute teacher. Her novel Waking Up Joy is a Virginia Romance Writers 2015 HOLT Medallion Award of Merit Recipient – Romantic Elements. Tina grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma and currently lives in Wyoming with her husband, who knows when to wear a cowboy hat, and three teenagers who never do (even if she thinks they should). Learn more at TinaAnnForkner.com.

So, readers of Traveling With T- what did you think of the cover of Nashville by Heart? Have you followed Tina Ann Forkner on Goodreads yet?

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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