Thicker Than Blood by Jan English Leary

thicker than blood

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Thicker Than Blood

Summary from Goodreads:

Andrea Barton is single but wants a child. When an infant is abandoned at a church on the north side of Chicago, Andrea first becomes a foster mother and then adopts her. Andrea believes that love and her experience as a social worker will see her through the challenges of raising an African-American child in a white world. During Pearl s childhood, Andrea is able to protect her daughter from many of societys blows. But when teenaged Pearl starts to seek her own identity, their relationship is threatened. Both mother and daughter face situations that force them to confront the possibilities and limits of love.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Andrea wants a child very much. She’s considered many of her options- but when a child is abandoned, it seems that fate wants them to be together.

I applaud Jan English Leary for her thoughtful tale on the story of Andrea and Pearl. The tale of Andrea and Pearl could have been simple, even boring, in the wrong set of hands. From Andrea’s concern about Pearl- not necessarily fitting in, but being acknowledged and understood by her peers in life. Andrea wanted to provide for Pearl- to give her a place in the world (not the type of things that money can buy- but a sense of home, family, love- the important things!) Pearl, as a child, seemed to readily accept things- but as she was older- she questioned more. She rebelled. She wanted to know her roots- and no matter how much Andrea loved her as her daughter- this was something that Pearl had to find out.

Adoption, love, finding your roots, and realizing family is not necessarily the one you are born with, but the one you create are themes of THICKER THAN BLOOD.


*Thicker Than Blood was provided to me by Caitlin Hamilton Summie of Caitlin Hamilton Marketing. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


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