{Author Interview} Beth Thomas Cohen tells us it’s time to “Drop The Act!”

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Hello readers of Traveling With T! Today, I have Beth Thomas Cohen, author of DROP THE ACT, IT’S EXHAUSTING!, to talk to us about her book and other things!

Hold on to your hats, folks. Beth is a straight shooter when it comes to advice and being real.


Interview with Beth Thomas Cohen

Beth, what do you think about Facebook and mommy politics? Has the constant need to over share the “perfect” details of life created more problems for women?

I personally issue full disclaimer on all of my social media posts. The good, the bad and the often ugly; alongside the pretty, the fun and the sometimes enjoyable! I am not sure I could actually write this type of book and only post the “good” photos on social media. I have a bad day, a negative post goes up. I have a good day, a good posts goes up. I lose a few pounds, a post goes up. I gain a few pounds, a post goes up. I am makeup free with a laser face-lift to prevent aging, that goes up too! In the chapter I titled, “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones” I talk about how, “social media makes it impossible to ignore or even forget the jabs taken at us. We have literally become conditioned to fear what people might say or think, and that’s just screwed up.” How can we teach our kids to love themselves for who they are, if we continue as women/moms to alter who we really are, in life and on social media!? The perception to “act as if” is exactly what, Drop The Act, It’s Exhausting! is about. There is no reason anyone needs to over-share anything on social media, especially things that are not even remotely accurate. We are all human and everyone knows that no one lives a perfect life; “Freeing ourselves from our put together life” is what I am hoping Drop The Act will do for women.

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DROP THE ACT encourages everyone to be real. To be true. To be their imperfectly perfect selves. How are people (but especially women) receiving your message?

They are LOVING it! I am so incredibly thankful that my message has been so well received across so many mediums. I would not have put a book out there if I wasn’t 100% behind the message. I researched for more years than I even realized and found this commonality: most people want deeper, more intimate relationships with real people. We don’t like sugar coated bulls&$*t and I think I realized that much earlier on than most. I don’t take a particular position in the book. I simply open up a can of worms and say, “talk amongst yourselves.” I am hoping that by starting these important conversations involving: career, motherhood, marriage, self-esteem, etc. women will give each other a break; we will show our true colors and stop judging other people constantly. I hope women will be who they really are, because let’s face it that’s the best way to be even…when it’s not so pretty!

If you could go back 20 years- what advice do you wish you knew then?

Oh my god how much time do we have?!?!? I would tell myself to revert back to that 11/12 year old that loved who she was. I would tell her to stick to being real and if people can’t handle that, well, then move on! I would tell myself to love myself for who I am and to not try and conform to a norm that was not even normal at all! I would absolutely tell myself that the friends I for some reason so desperately needed to be friends with, weren’t really good friends at all! That those friends that felt like they needed to prove to the world how awesome they were, was because in actuality they were not awesome at all! I would tell myself that even if boys couldn’t love me, date me, whatever that it had very little to do with them, but everything to do with what their parents taught them. I would tell myself that it was ok that I lied to fit in, changed my appearance to fit in, made friends with people to fit in and that this too shall pass. Then I would end it by letting myself know that I would be the most successful out of all of them, combined! I try and teach my girls that other girls are going to be cruel that you need to learn to love yourself enough to not care; I know easier said than done. I will drill that message into them as often as I can, and help them navigate the horrendously, skewed world we live in.


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About the Author:

Beth Thomas Cohen has been in the fashion industry for sixteen years. As co-founder of the public relations agency B’ squared Public Relations, Beth launched new fashion brands and breathed life into older ones. She previously worked as senior director at Lividini & Co., in-house public relations director at the luxury/accessories company Lambertson Truex, and worked in the fashion department at O, The Oprah Magazine. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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