Night Blindness by Susan Strecker

night blindness by susan strecker

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Night Blindness

Jensen at 16 experienced a life event that haunts her to this day. When she was 16, she was young. In love. Happy.

After one fateful night, though, life changed for Jensen. She wasn’t young. She wasn’t happy. She was changed.

She gave up her dreams, left her hometown, and moved on. Running from her past, marrying a man that loved the Jensen she was currently. 

For 13 years, Jensen has not been home- not been back to her house. One phone call, though, will change all that. Jensen, whether she’s truly ready to go back home, is headed home. Her father needs her. And whether Jensen realizes it, she needs to go back and face her past.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

NIGHT BLINDNESS is not an easy book to read exactly. It’s got a depressing feel at times- Jensen’s dad has a brain tumor, Jensen is dealing with grief from her brother dying years ago and from keeping a secret from her family, and there is a New Age-ish feel at times.

For a decent amount of the book, Jensen is coy about what happened to Will and how her life changed that night. And, as the reader, I could fill in the blanks- I could basically see the writing on the wall- but darn it, I wanted Jensen to just SAY IT. Say it, darn it.

And lo and behold- finally when Jensen revealed things- that is when I found myself becoming more engrossed in the book.

One thing that kept bothering me (and just prepare to call me a Pollyanna) was the casual mention of drug use. Pot, dropping acid and taking ecstasy was mentioned several times in the book- and maybe that is because Jensen is an artist and her husband was as well. Maybe that’s the lifestyle. I just know I was feeling Nancy Reagan like and wanting to say “Just say no!”

Final thoughts: This book is not a book you reach for when looking for a quick read. While short, there is an emotional depth to this book that takes time to get to. It’s a book that, ultimately, has a positive message- but it takes time for Jensen to get to it. This is a real book, a like life book- where things are gritty, life is messy, and there are no easy answers.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration from St. Martin’s Press.All  thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “Night Blindness by Susan Strecker

    • Yep- it was just a bit out of my comfort level. Like it was just odd to me. Reading sentences like “He walked in, the smell of pot lingering” Descriptive and yet- IDK. My inner Pollyanna was screaming- DON’T YOU KNOW DRUGS ARE BAD?!

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