The Secrets of Lake Road by Karen Katchur

The secrets of lake road by karen k

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Secrets of Lake Road

It’s summer time and all Caroline wants to do is play at the lake. The lake is her sanctuary, her cocoon- her comfort.

Not so for her mom, Jo. Jo can’t stand to be at the lake- the place of summer’s past- and the place where she is reminded of secrets and her role in events of the summer sixteen years ago.

A body of water, a small vacation community- both represent such vastly different things to two people.

When little Sarah goes missing, the community knows that she’s drowned- all ban together to help find Sarah. Some have altruistic reasons, some don’t. But one thing is for certain- no one expects to find what was uncovered in the search for Sarah.

Can mother/daughter survive this summer as events come to light that change their lives?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

When I read the back of THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD, I was intrigued. Ready to settle in for a good mystery. That was my first mistake.

THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD does have a mystery-ish about it (however, it’s one you can figure out if you know the rules of teenage behavior, hormones, and love). For me, SECRETS was more of an intimate portrayal of life- life after a secret, how life changes from the way you anticipated adult life being at 16. To quote John Cougar Mellencamp in Jack and Diane:

Hold on to sixteen as long as you can
Changes come around real soon
Make us women and men

While the story, the overall-ness of it, the slight mystery had appealing sides- I could not gather much sympathy  for the characters of Jo and Kevin. Both were stuck in this quasi-teenage world, in a mindset that they were far too old for. It’s like neither of them realized that they were adults.

I ached for Caroline as she began to piece together things from the past and finally began to realize why her mom acted the way she did. I wanted to pinch Jo and tell her “WAKE UP. You have a child here that wants your love and attention- and you can’t dig yourself out of your self-involved teenage mindset long enough to see it.”

It wasn’t till the end-ish, when Jo really began to see the role she played in the summer 16 years ago, that I felt a glimmer of like for her. It was like she was finally, slowly, growing into the adult that she needs to become.

Final thoughts: As a mystery/suspense, this book lacks a certain element. It’s mystery-lite- slight suspense. As an intimate look at how families are defined and torn apart by secrets- it’s a more fitting way to describe- and it’s a good debut in that respect. Truthfully, I feel that this book is mislabeled for it’s genre. Overall, there are some enjoyable parts to the book- and the character depth of Caroline is well-thought-out. While I did not LOVE this book, I did like it. I anticipate seeing what Karen Katchur will do in her next book.

*This book was sent to Traveling With T by St. Martin’s Press for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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