Author Spotlight: Laura McNeill, author of CENTER OF GRAVITY

author spotlight

Hey ya’ll! Laura McNeill is stopping by to today to talk about who she would want to write a blurb for and many other things. Look for CENTER OF GRAVITY in stores and on the internet tomorrow! Or you can enter Traveling With T’s #giveaway!

Author Spotlight: Laura McNeill

If you could write a blurb for anyone’s book- who would you pick?

Oh, wow! Jodi Picoult comes to mind first. Maybe John Green. Sarah Dessen. I also love Southern fiction authors like Mary Kay Andrews and Dorthea Benton Frank. Do I have to pick only one?

Tell us about your #literaryconfessions!

Um, being an English major, I may get struck by lightening, but Charles Dickens’ books are so SAD. And long.

I adore Sophie Kinsella (#guiltypleasure) and I read the entire Kiera Cass series that began with The Selection. I could not stop myself. Kind of like M&M’s. You cannot have just one!

Are you a fan of selfies? Or just say no to selfies?

Sure! Why not? But not a million selfies! I think there should be some sort of 80/20 rule… or maybe 90/10 rule. For every 8 posts, then post a selfie. Unless you are Chris Hemsworth or one of his brothers. Then, do whatever you want!! (#proof … even my boys, who adore superheroes, didn’t like the Thor character until CH came along!)

You are stranded on an island. You have 2 choices: Read the same 3 books over and over till you are rescued OR 3 new books magically appear every 3 months (but you get no choice in selection). What do you do?

I’m a take chances kind of girl…and an optimist! Send me the new books, please. Whoever’s behind the magical book delivery probably has a sense of humor, and if she (or her) has that many books at her disposal, there are bound to be a few winners!


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Laura McNeill, author of CENTER OF GRAVITY

  1. Thank you so very much for spotlighting me …. Loved your questions (especially the Selfie one). You’ve been so wonderful supporting my new novel, and such a champion of books in general! Jazz Hands to YOU!!! ❤ Laura

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