The Wrong Man by Kate White

The Wrong Man

Photo Credit: Harper Collins June 16th

This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Wrong Man

Kit Finn is on a business trip in Florida. Having recently ended a boring and safe relationship, Kit is evaluating life. She’s known for being bold and out-there in the designer world and she’s beginning to think that she needs some bold color in her personal life.

Enter Matt Healy.

Kit and Matt bump into each other and while Matt is not Kit’s normal type (he’s got red-hair for one thing!) she’s a bit attracted. Seeing Matt later while shopping, he asks her to dinner. Kit decides to chance it and just be bold. So, she goes to dinner with the handsome stranger who she feels a bit of lust for….

Dinner turns into more and Kit is fine with it being an one night thing. But, then, Matt calls her and asks her to meet him in New York.

This is where things start to get strange.

The man Kit sees at the address has the same name- but is not the same man she met in Florida. At first she thinks there is a misunderstanding, then she thinks she’s being set up.

But then Kit finds out there is more than meets the eye to this situation- and she is smack dab in a situation where she doesn’t know all the rules or who she can trust. But she’s gotta learn fast- or she might die.

Kit wanted some bold color in her life- too bad she didn’t specify the type- because she got way more than she bargained for!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So, you got to understand that I’ve been reading Kate White since her first ever Bailey Weggins novel- and that I LOVE me some Kate. She writes suspense with a romantic edge that just keeps me flipping pages and having to know what happened next!

THE WRONG MAN is good- maybe not her best, but highly readable!

What I liked: The plot completely intrigued me. Single savvy business woman has a one night stand with a gorgeous man. Single savvy business woman has plans to meet the guy again and this is when things get messy. It had page turner written all over it!

Kit, while at times I could pinch her and I wanted to say “There is someone out there in the world who wants to do you bodily harm- could you NOT take so many chances?” I could also appreciate her point of view- it’s her life, her way, her rules- and with not knowing who she could trust and who she could not- was trying, in the only way she knew, to get her life back.

The mystery as to why someone wanted to hurt Kit was nicely done- with enough red herrings and small twists to keep you guessing (or turning pages to see if your guess is right!)

Final Thoughts: Like Kate White? Want a read that has some suspense/mystery/thriller-ish with some romance? In search of a read for the pool that will keep you entertained? THE WRONG MAN may fit the bill!


*This book was sent to Traveling With T by Harper Collins for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


*THE WRONG MAN was a Traveling With T June Futuristic Friday selection and Books I Am Dying To Get My Hands On @ BEA 15 book!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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