Mini Q&A with Linda Lael Miller & Giveaway of THE MARRIAGE SEASON

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Today, Linda Lael Miller has stopped by to talk some about THE MARRIAGE SEASON, the 3rd book in The Brides of Bliss County series. Thanks to Little Bird Publicity, Traveling With T also has 1 copy of THE MARRIAGE SEASON (US only) for a giveaway.

So, read Linda’s Q&A- then check out the giveaway! 🙂


Mini Q&A with Linda Lael Miller

Q: THE MARRIAGE SEASON is the 3rd book in your new Brides of Bliss County series. What would you tell someone who is coming to Mustang Creek for the first time? Is there anything you want first time readers to know about Bex, Hadleigh, and Melody before they jump into THE MARRIAGE SEASON?

A:  Mustang Creek is a small town with a rich western past and full of some pretty colorful characters. Situated in scenic Bliss County, Wyoming this is a tight-knit community with old-fashioned charm and yet also home to artists (like Melody and Hadleigh) and innovative young professionals (like Bex and her forever man, Tate, who is a pilot).

Hadleigh, Mel and Bex go back to fast friends in grade school, and they have endured laughter and tears together, but always been in each other’s corner, and their vow to never settle for anyone less than the perfect (for them, because all know there is no such thing as a perfect man—well, or woman either!) partner is what sparked the series.

Q: Single father Tate Calder comes to Mustang Creek with his two sons in tow. His 2 boys befriend Bex’s nephew and the boy’s friendship seems to be the link between both Tate and Bex. Do you think this is typical with single parents to fall in love with someone because of their children?

A: I loved that they were both learning from each other and their different challenges. They are single parents, but the circumstances so very different. Tate definitely knows more about keeping unruly boys under control with a gentle but firm hand. Bex is very sensitive to what they might be feeling and yet not saying, so the balance works out nicely. They work as a team almost from the very beginning when it comes to the boys. As far as the romance goes, I think it showed they were compatible aside from just the combustible physical attraction (a few sparks do fly!).

Q: It’s hard not to adore Bex when you see how protective and loving she is with her nephew. Do you have nieces and nephews? It’s a special relationship, isn’t it?

A: She loves her sister (and her nephew, naturally). I thought all along that was why she would be perfect for Tate. Josh was a training session for taking on two more boys.

Q: The kids in THE MARRIAGE SEASON take center stage in a number of scenes and are a big concern for both Tate and Bex when they get involved. You often write about kids and we can tell from your books that you must love it. Is it different to write a child character versus an adult character?

A: We all remember what it’s like to be a child.  Lots of joy and lots of frustration. I don’t think adulthood changes it that much, it just serves you up a plate of different problems. So the answer is yes, and also, no. Children are allowed to just be forthcoming and adults are expected to handle disappointment with composure. It’s nice to go back to being a kid now and then and just say what you are thinking in the moment.


The Marriage Season

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