Dying for a Cupcake by Denise Swanson

dying for a cupcake

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Dying for a Cupcake

Who knew cupcakes could be so deadly?

When Dev is approached about using her shop for part of the cupcake judging festivities, she agrees because she knows it’ll be good for business. But after seeing Kizzy Cutler, the cupcake queen, in action- she has second thoughts.

But a deal is a deal- and Dev knows that an event like this will be good for the town (and for Dev’s wallet).

But from the get-go, there are problems.

When Kizzy’s assistant dies- people wonder why. But, it could have been a number of things that caused her death. However, when Kizzy is almost hit by a car- Dev wonders if what killed Fallon was meant for Kizzy- and just how far the culprit will go to make Kizzy and her cupcakes disappear!

Oh Dev… She’s got her hands full trying to find out who wants the Cupcake Queen dead- but not too full to meet the new fire chief… The HUNKY fire chief. Is this love triangle about to become a square? Time will tell.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So, DYING FOR A CUPCAKE is adorable and sweet and something you should read when you are in the mood for a light read with a mystery that is not all gory and terrible. It does deal with a pretty timely issue- and makes you wonder about how much you have changed since high school!

Being a fan of Denise’s other series, Scumble River, the Dev series has taken more time for me to warm up to (they may have the same writer- but they are not really the same style!) What I find myself really enjoying is that Denise is giving us chapters in the Dev series that lets us know what the men in Dev’s life are thinking- we aren’t just seeing/hearing from her perspective. I dig that! (Almost as much as I’m digging the hunkalicious fire chief- because Dev’s love life could use some fire.)

Not quite as much Boone and Poppy as I would like in DYING FOR A CUPCAKE- but the scenes they were in was great!

All in all, another enjoyable addition to the Dime Shop series.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T by the author for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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