Q&A with Linda Lael Miller, author of THE MARRIAGE CHARM (plus GIVEAWAY!)


The Marriage Charm

Photo Credit: Harlequin (Jan 27, 2015)

Today, Linda Lael Miller stops by Traveling With T with an Author Q&A and a giveaway of THE MARRIAGE CHARM, the second book in The Brides of Bliss County series.

You may remember my review of THE MARRIAGE PACT and how, while I was not sure what to expect from Linda, she provided some light and fluffy reading for the pool. So, I’m now eager to see the second story in the series- and enjoy a big cup of hot chocolate while warming my feet by the fire.

Have you read THE MARRIAGE PACT and now await THE MARRIAGE CHARM? Don’t forget, there is a giveaway (end of the post!)

Author Q&A with Linda Lael Miller:

Q: In THE MARRIAGE CHARM, Melody Nolan falls in love with Chief of Police, Spence Hogan. Spence has a reputation that he’ll never settle down. Is his reputation deserved? And just what is it about Melody that has grabbed the attention of womanizer Spence Hogan?

A: Spence has actually cultivated his reputation as a player, in order to avoid settling down, and it’s served him well—until now.  He and Melody were in love, years before, but the time wasn’t right for marriage; Spence knew that, but Melody didn’t.  Now, following their mutual friends’ romantic wedding, the old attraction is back.

Q: Female friendships play an important role in THE MARRIAGE CHARM. Do you have female friends that support you the way Hadleigh and Bex support Melody?

A: Oh, yes.  I have a number of very close female friends, people I can confide in, and most of them go way back.  I wouldn’t know what to do without these strong, smart, funny women.  Through all the ups and downs, we’ve always been there for each other.

Q: Melody is a talented jewelry designer and her pieces sound absolutely gorgeous in the book! Did you do research on jewelry design and jewelry making before writing the scenes where she’s working on some of her creations?

A: Some research, yes.  I’m an artist myself, and I love beautiful jewelry, so this career made sense for Melody.

 Q: There’s some real danger—and mystery—in THE MARRIAGE CHARM. How did you decide to work suspense into this story? Was it always a natural part of the plot or did you want there to be some mystery involved?

A: Sometimes an element of suspense fits the story and characters, and I decide to go with it.


Thanks to Linda Lael Miller for stopping by and answering some questions & to Katie @ Little Bird Publicity for arranging this for Traveling With T.

Linda Lael Miller

Photo Credit: John Hall Photography

Find Linda: Facebook and Twitter.

And now… Giveaway time!

The giveaway is open to folks in the continental US only. The giveaway will end February 3rd! Check the Rafflecopter for more info:

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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