One Mad Night by Julia London



One Mad Night by Julia London

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

One Mad Night

Chelsea is driven, determined, and ready for bigger and better success in her future. The advertising company that Chelsea works at has promised her the account- actually told her “it was hers to lose” and then came up with the idea to have a competition between her and a new (but highly sought after employee) Ian Rafferty.

Chelsea is pretty confident she has this in the bag. Her approach is smart and right on- but she does a feel a nervous tingle about Ian’s chances at landing this account. He’s a man, he’s landed some plum accounts that she has desired, and the advertising world is a man’s world.

Because of the undercurrent of competition between Ian and Chelsea, Chelsea has never really taken much time to think about Ian- besides what she knows from seeing him: he likes women (a lot) and he’s nice looking. She knows from going up against him for previous pitches that he’s smart and has good ideas. But, Chelsea wants this- and feels after 6 years- it’s time to move up the ladder.

The day before the meeting that will determine who gets the Tesla account, it starts snowing. Like mega amounts. Before they can get home, Chelsea and Ian find themselves stranded at the advertising agency. Chelsea is worried- she needs to get home and get rest so she can nail the pitch. Ian is also worried about work- but more worried that the side of Chelsea he is seeing for the first time, the sparks between them, and the undeniable chemistry will end after the winner of the pitch is announced.

What will happen? You’ll have to read ONE MAD NIGHT to find out!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I don’t really read many novellas. Mainly because of the price (or at least how they used to be priced and packaged). Now- though with digital age novellas and Julia London’s writing style- I’ll probably be adding novellas to my list!

Chelsea and Ian- ever since I watched THE CUTTING EDGE way back in 93, I have loved that “strong dislike to love” romantic flirtationship/relationship. It hooks me each and every time. Chelsea and Ian were no exception. The chemistry, the looks, the flirty/saucy banter- I ate it all up with a spoon like it was a big ole pile of gelato (mmmmm… gelato!)

And the cover! My gosh, the cover. That cover is a knock-out. The cover sizzles with chemistry (that is how much I love this cover!)

The plot is no surprise: Boy and Girl know each other. There is some dislike, some competition. Girl wants to beat boy. Boy wants to beat girl. Unseen situation forces them together. They discover there is more to them than what their exterior shows. Chemistry. Julia throws a couple of monkey-wrenches in their plot- but just enough to make you wonder.

Bottom line: Looking for a cute romance that is a fast read (all the better to be enjoyed with gelato!)? Look no further: ONE MAD NIGHT is it!


*ONE MAD NIGHT was sent to me for review consideration by Sourcebooks Casa. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “One Mad Night by Julia London

  1. I don’t think I like the dislike to love romance, mostly because I have a hard time remembering every seeing it being done in a convincing way. In my (limited) experience, I’ve either felt like the change is too abrupt or felt like it was so obvious the characters actually like each other, that them not seeing it was just frustrating. I think I could like it if I felt it was convincing though.

  2. melissa says:

    I don’t know this author yet, but I look forward to reading her book and any others she may have out! I love this cover too. I love romance and quick reads!

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