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one step too far

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

One Step Too Far

One day, a normal day- and young woman named Emily gets up, leaves her house, gets on a train and never returns.

Why does she leave? Why does she run away from her husband, her family, her life?

To answer those questions, we must look over Emily’s whole life. Born a twin- she has a sister who she’s never had a great relationship with. A father who is a serial cheater. A mother who loves her- but has contributed to her toxic relationship with her twin.

But.. Emily rose above all that. She found her happily ever after, her own family, her own life… and she chose to walk away. Why? 

When Emily leaves her life she becomes Cat. And gets exposed to a completely different life than she come from. She begins to experience the new life, shed the ways of Emily, and fully embrace the persona of Cat. She even begins to understand her twin in a way that she never thought possible.

But even though she’s now Cat- the secret in Emily’s life continues to haunt her. And, when she finds herself in a pickle of a situation- it’s the first step in the reader finding out the secret of Emily.

Told in alternating viewpoints, One Step Too Far weaves together Emily’s past and present in an appealing package.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Ok, I totally did not guess Emily’s secret. My mind was jumping from possibility to possibility- I had soapy theories running in my head, I had plausible and some way out there theories. The secret that was revealed was one I never really considered because the author tipped her hand in another way. And so, when the secret was revealed- I was shocked, confused, and a bit heartsick. It made sense- and completely made me understand why Emily felt the need to leave.


I felt a bit manipulated. Like the author was a magician saying “Look at me setting this secret up over here- yes, yes, yes, consider all those crazy possibilities- think about her selfish twin- wonder, wonder, wonder….and now I’m ready to reveal… Sucker punch!”

So, I really liked that I didn’t guess the secret. And the secret was a good secret (In a bad way!) BUT, I was just expecting something more soapy, something bigger, something that  would have me going “WOWZA!”

Others things I was “huh” about:

There is some backstory to Angel that illuminated some of Angel’s current ways- but may not have been completely necessary.

Emily’s new name is Cat- which is a variation on her original name Catherine. Her twin’s name is Caroline. I know twins usually have similar names- but in the first few pages- the whole Cat/Caroline thing was confusing and I’d find myself flipping back and forth with pages.

Overall, I did enjoy my time in Tina Seskis’s world. I highly recommend that you not try to guess the secret- just read it. I am curious to see what Tina has up her sleeve for the next book.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T from William-Morrow for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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9 thoughts on “One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

    • No and that’s why I was a bit disappointed. I had built this book up in my mind to have a THE GOOD GIRL twist- and it just didn’t have that level of a twist. It had a secret that had some shock and some bite to it- and could completely make a person want to leave their life behind- but….. I just built this book up too much in my head.

  1. I was pretty sure I would guess the secret, too, but I didn’t. I never wrote my review, so ended up just doing a mini review today, and I’m linking to yours. I also found the Catherine/Caroline names confusing at first and was annoyed about feeling manipulated, but overall I thought it was good for a fast read!

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