{Author Spotlight} Sonja Yoerg, author of House Broken

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Hey darlings! 2015 is already starting off really great- with a great author spotlight for your reading enjoyment!! Today, Sonja Yoerg, author of HOUSE BROKEN, is here to give us the scoop on the person she is when she’s not being all serious and author-ish!

Look for her interview about HOUSE BROKEN to post on January 7th and for her book to be in stores on January 6th!

Author Spotlight with Sonja Yoerg

Do you have any #literaryconfessions? 

In high school I mostly read science fiction and horror (Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Stephen King), not the usual fare for a girl. I also loved John Updike, John Irving and Kurt Vonnegut. Yeah, a lot of male writers. But my tastes changed and grew in college.


Do you have a #literarycrush?

Henry from the Time Traveller’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. He was so sensitive to Clare, and the predicament they were in. He loved her truly.

What do you think about the quizzes at the end of women’s magazines? Do you take them or pass them by?

I usually pass them by. I know myself pretty well and am far more interested in the recipe pages.

If you could be a food, what food would you be?

An artichoke. It’s one of my favorite foods and they look gorgeous in the garden. If you let them bloom (and sacrifice the bulb—gasp!) the flower is stunning. Also, they’re a thistle, which always makes me think of Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, one of my favorite books.


Sonja Yoerg, author of House Broken

Sonja Yoerg, author of House Broken (Jan 6th 2015)




Sonja Yoerg’s debut novel, HOUSE BROKEN, will be released January 6th, 2015.

Find her: Facebook and Twitter.




Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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2 thoughts on “{Author Spotlight} Sonja Yoerg, author of House Broken

  1. lorispielman says:

    Great interview, Sonja and Tamara! So excited that HOUSE BROKEN is about to hit the shelves! Best of luck to you! (And btw, that artichoke answer was brilliant!)

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