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Hey everyone- Traveling With T is taking part in the Jodi Thomas A PLACE CALLED HARMONY blog tour. And, if you are super-good and read all the post before you scroll to the bottom of page- well you might just find a giveaway happening! Before we get into too much bookish shenanigans, a word or two from the author, Jodi Thomas:

Jodi Thomas Author Pic

Photo Credit: Provided by Author

I’m excited about the release of A PLACE CALLED HARMONY. The story has been in the back of my mind since I started writing the Harmony series.  Often I thought about what how my people in the present were affected by the past.  To have a town where people care about each other and understand one another, the roots needed to run deep. I felt like I knew the three men who settled the town long before I wrote their story.

When Truman, Matheson and McAllen’s stories began to dance in my mind, I found myself staying up later every night to write more.  I love the way the three men interacted and the way all three loves storied grew.  I have a feeling that readers will be staying up a little later to read one more chapter.

Patrick McAllen had grown up on the gulf coast of Texas.  He had to run away to avoid his father’s wrath and shy little Annie agreed to go with him.

Captain Matheson didn’t even know his family was relocating to build a town where only a trading post stood.  When he got to his wife Daisy, he realized how much having him near meant to her and how dearly he needed his ever-growing family.

Clint Truman had been looking for a way to die since he’d lost his family.  Drunk and down on his luck, a sheriff offered him a choice.  Go to jail or head north to build a town.  Clint didn’t think much of the idea but when he met a woman half-dead from starvation and caring a newborn in her arms, he saw someone who needed him and he couldn’t turn away.

As they all moved toward the trading post, each found not only a direction in life, but true love.

Step into the beginning of a town called Harmony.  Ride along with me through the adventures and the love stories.

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Want to read the summary of A PLACE CALLED HARMONY?

A Place Called Harmony

Photo Credit: Provided by Author

Summary from Goodreads:

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas has captivated America with her novels set in the small town of Harmony, Texas. Now she tells the story of the three hard-luck men who first settled the town, a place where last chances and long-awaited dreams collide…
Desperate to escape his overbearing father, Patrick McAllen disappears with his bride, heading north to build a new town—discovering strength, honor and true love along the way.
After drinking away the grief from his family’s death, Clint Truman avoids jail by taking a job in North Texas and settling down with a woman he vows to protect but never love—until her quiet compassion slowly breaks his hardened heart wide open…
All Gillian Matheson has ever known is Army life, leaving his true love to be a part-time spouse. But when a wounded Gillian returns home to find her desperately fighting to save their marriage, he’s determined to become the husband she deserves.
Amidst storms, outlaws, and unwelcome relatives, the three couples band together to build a town—and form a bond that breathes life into the place that will forever be called Harmony.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I hemmed and hawed about accepting this request. I thought long and hard. You see, not having read the previous Harmony books, I worried that I would be all- “huh?” in the book. But, the cover looked so cute- and the fact that this was a “prequel” if you will to later books. In essence, Jodi Thomas was taking the names, the people, the town that readers enjoyed and giving it some serious roots (and showing us all about that!)

There is love. Sadness. Happiness. The characters are thought-out, fleshed-out. It’s a tale that readers who have developed a love for Harmony will enjoy- and newcomers to the series of books will enjoy getting a glimpse of Harmony became Harmony.

Does the fact that I haven’t read the other Harmony books put me at a disadvantage? Actually, no. Reading this, seeing the roots of the town, learning about the founding families of Harmony- well, that just makes me curious to check out Jodi’s world one day again.

Cover: Love. Cute- kind of looks like a painting you would see in an old-time store!

Characters: Thought-out. Interesting.

Final verdict: Give it a try.



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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “A Place Called Harmony by Jodi Thomas (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

  1. fuonlyknew says:

    I love the cover art too. Kind of looks like my town:) Prequels can be fun. If you’ve read the books, it gives you a taste of the characters you enjoyed and insight that makes those other books richer. You understand some characters morivations more clearly. I usualluyend up reading the series again to see what else I get after learning the characters history.

  2. I loved this book. I’ve read all the “modern day” books in the series and so enjoyed reading about the start of Harmony. I think reading it first would give a wonderful background to the town and founders. Jodi Thomas is a master storyteller! I enjoyed the post and your thoughts.

    • Honestly I had not heard of this book series till she contacted me about possible review, But, I def will be considering reading others by her (you know when I have time for pleasure reading!)

      Thanks so much!!! I love hearing that 🙂 🙂

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