The Writing Process Blog Tour (aka How Traveling With T writes!)


The Writing Process Blog Tour 1

Last week, while I was on vacation- Ashley at Forever Ashley tagged Traveling With T in this new blog tour that has been going around- where the “tag-e” tells the internets how they write! Being that I was on vacation and wasn’t writing (well unless you count my name in the sand- which I totes love to do when on the beach!) I was a bit unsure what I’d write about my writing. Then I began looking around my room at the condo- and realized that even though I was on vacation- I had brought the tools of my writing life with me….

So, before I answer the questions- what are my writing tools?

  • Notebooks (the prettier, the better)
  • Sharpies
  • Funky colored Pens (no just plain black for this gal-I write better in in fun colors)
  • My cell phone (say what?! For jotting those moments of sheer genius when I’m not around a notebook!)
  • And the right kind of music- that can range from The Eagles crooning “Best Of My Love” to Katy Perry making me chair dance to “Roar”.. or Taylor Swift singing “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” (and a gajillion other musical combos!)


My writing process

Now for the writing tour questions:

What Am I Working On?

Right now, I’m taking a break from feverishly getting my pictures and thoughts together on my recent trip to Destin, FL to work on this and jot some ideas about a Halloween extravaganza that I’m planning!


How Does My Work Differ From Others Of It’s Type/Genre?

Ugh, does it?! This is the question I ask myself daily. I think a main difference is that I cheerlead other bloggers on- through my Mashup posts and Literary Friday posts. I also give major love back to my gal, Erin from Deep South Mag- without her, I don’t know where I’d be.

I’m also totally not afraid to make up words- today, I used pin-tastic, for jeez and crying out loud. And I’ll bust out “frosts my cookies” in a heartbeat when I’m peeved.

I fangirl. Some people are ashamed of it. Some people want to act like they are cooler than that. But, by golly, I’ll fan-girl when the situation is warranted.

But mainly- I’m me. I write how I talk. I use multiple exclamations. I get all fluster-y & excited & I love when inspiration strikes.


Why Do I Write What I Do?

For me, blogging did not begin as a plan to become an author. Or to make a gajillion bucks with advertisers. It started because I needed something to occupy my time during quiet portions of the day (other than online shop for books and makeup). To say, that it has become MUCH more than what I thought is far understating the fact.

Why do I write what I do? I write because it feels good. Because sometimes being limited to 140 characters on Twitter was too frustrating. I write because now a life without writing in some way is inconceivable to me.

Writing reviews of books is the easy part. It’s the posts that are more personal that can be a struggle- finding out about becoming an aunt, my dog dying, seeing my brother get married- those are the ones that will put a tear in my eye and make it hard to write.


How Does Your Writing Process Work?

When I’m doing reviews of books, it begins with some notes on the book or the actual book being close by. I scour it for quotes I love. Or important names. And then I grab my netbook and get to writing.

When I’m being more personal- pictures help. Or free-styling my thoughts about the event.

I read though my notebooks, places I’ve jotted down ideas for blog titles, or opening paragraphs. I scroll through my Drafts messages in my phone. I don’t have a real process-not a “do this and you’ll write # amount of blog posts a week”. I’m a work in progress and that’s ok.


And now that you know how my writing process works… I challenge:

My Sister In Bookish Crime (as well as casingle lover!) Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews!

The e-book deal finding machine: Helen at My Novel Opinion

And the adorable bookish peep (and soul saver after travel mishaps) Kristin @ Always With A Book!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off





8 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Tour (aka How Traveling With T writes!)

  1. Loved reading this, Tamara! omg I totally want to say “well, frost my cookies!” now. lol Sounds like a Southern saying, is it? Also, that peacock notebook is GORGEOUS. I love writing with colorful sharpies, too. I am also partial to Felt Tip Pens. I got them for my artwork and started using them for writing, too! Do you use Evernote? It has been really helpful for me to organize my thoughts. There is an app too so I can use it on the go as well. I like to free-style, too!

    • Aww TY! I don’t know if it’s a Southern saying or not honestly- it’s just something I’ve always said 🙂 Isn’t it?! I love Peacocks- they are so pretty with their feathers! I *Think* I picked that beauty up at HomeGoods a few weeks ago- do you have a HomeGoods in your area?

      I’ve just always loved pens and markers. I keep a gajillion around the house- and whoo, buddy, don’t use them unless I say it’s ok- b/c I get peeved when I can’t find my favorite marker. I just bought some felt markers on Amazon and some Zig Stella Markers. I LOVE playing with art stuff- NOT that great at it. But still love!

      I don’t use Evernote- I’m like the only person in the world who doesn’t! I should. Esp since Tif Talks Books did that tutorial on it.

  2. Great post! I think your enthusiasm and support for other bloggers definitely set you apart 🙂 I also envy your ability to make up words and be so outgoing. Even online, I’m an introvert!

    • Aww TY! I TRY so hard to support others- because, to me, that is a big part of it. It’s fun to write posts- but helping support others- that is what makes it a community. I just have to laugh some days- I may just as -tastic or -licious or something like that- but sometimes I just need those over the top words!
      And, while I’m pretty extroverted- sometimes my introvert side comes out- especially when I feel shy (and I do get that feeling!)

  3. Love this post but ADORE your writing supplies!! And I, for one, am always appreciative of your cheerleading- you always make people feel so supported which is so nice because most of us are home alone reading and writing all day.

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