Meeting Patti Callahan Henry at TurnRow Books

Listen- if you’ve been a reader of Traveling With T for awhile.. Heck, even for a minute- you know that I LOVE books and that I ADORE author signings. It’s just a fact. So I squee-ed BIG TIME when I heard (err….website stalked TurnRow Books) that Patti Callahan Henry would be in town and I would be able to be in the same room with her.

So, I hopped, skipped and jumped over to the nearby indie bookstore and arrived in plenty time for the event!

TurnRow Books

Arriving at TurnRow, I immediately spied the current book (THE STORIES WE TELL) as well as some of the backlist of Patti’s books. After hemming and hawing for a minute on what I should get- I picked up a couple of books (THE STORIES WE TELL, AND THEN I FOUND YOU and THE ART OF KEEPING SECRETS) and then Patti walked in. I said hello and began to introduce myself and she immediately cried out “You’re @rockstar1023!” and then hugged me! We began chit-chatting about upcoming bookish events (Twitter chat with Patti 7/25 at 2pmEST as part of the Deep South Magazine Summer Reading List chats!)ย and other things.

As people began to come in, drinks were being served (delicious drinks!) and we all moved upstairs to hear Patti read and talk about her books.

The Stories We Tell Display


Tidbits of info from the THE STORIES WE TELL book signing:

  • THE STORIES WE TELL is the first book that Patti wrote that did not start off with a “what if?” question.
  • The first 100 pages that Patti wrote about THE STORIES WE TELL- well, we’ll not see them. She began those pages writing about Eve and Willa’s childhood- and as she continued the process- she realized that the story was going to be different. So those pages are not in the book.
  • Patti thinks that creativity helps heal you and that is a theme of THE STORIES WE TELL.
  • Least favorite book that Patti has written: AND THEN I FOUND YOU (although readers think that was one of her best books- it was such a personal topic that it was hard to write about.
  • She sees Gwen as being played by Taylor Swift (if THE STORIES WE TELL ever is made into a movie).


Just listening to Patti talk was something else. She talked about how she had thought THE STORIES WE TELL was going to be a different type of story at first- but then it changed into the story it was (and she likes that!) She talked about her belief in dreams, how she keeps a dream journal. She told us about a lady asking at a previous book signing “Does your creativity ever fail you?” and her thinking about that for some time before answering “My creativity never fails me, but sometimes- I fail my creativity.”

All in all, it was fun night with the Southern Lit writer- the writer who writes books that “she would like to read.”

Traveling With T Meeting Patti Callahan Henry at TurnRow Books

And if you need more info about Patti- Interview with Patti Callahan Henry and review of THE STORIES WE TELL.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

5 thoughts on “Meeting Patti Callahan Henry at TurnRow Books

  1. lorispielman says:

    Lucky you, T! Sounds like a great night! I especially love, โ€œMy creativity never fails me, but sometimes- I fail my creativity.โ€

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