A Magnificent Crime by Kim Foster

A Magnificent Crime by Kim Foster

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair review.

A Magnificent Crime

Cat Montgomery- beautiful, sexy, heart of gold and hands of a thief. Cat has a gift for stealing jewels- she’s always prided herself on being able to get out of sticky situations.

After her last job, though, and seeing what can happen when a heist goes wrong, Cat begins to suffer from panic attacks. An unfortunate turn of events, definitely. So Cat decides she needs to take some time for herself. Until, Albert Faulkner III gives Cat an ultimatum- steal the Hope diamond for him or face the ultimate price for stealing his jewels many years ago.

While Cat knows the Hope Diamond will be next to impossible to steal, there is something about the diamond that calls to her (and well, the threat of death)- so she agrees to Faulkner’s terms. Living with her FBI boyfriend, Jack, makes keeping this secret heist a bit problematic; but Jack is distracted by work and a mysterious person known as the Gargoyle (plus, Cat and Jack have an agreement- they know what each other does in life and they love each other- sometimes, it’s better to not know all the details).

When Cat leaves for Paris to begin the recon on the Hope Diamond, she has no idea that hunk-alicious Ethan will be around- and willing to help. Or that help from Ethan will complicate her relationship with Jack. When Jack finds himself in Paris on the trail of the Gargoyle- he and Cat find out that while they are on 2 very different missions, their missions have twisted and turned and put them in an intricate position. As Cat plots the heist of the Hope Diamond and finds herself slightly concerned about the curse of the Hope Diamond, she knows 2 things- she must get the diamond and that both Jack and Ethan complete (and complicate) her life.

Will Cat be able to wrap her beautiful hands around the Hope Diamond? Will Jack discover who the Gargoyle is? And will the beautiful thief and the gorgeous FBI agent sail off in the sunset or not?

Paris… The city of romance… and now jewel heists.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

After reading Kim Foster’s A BEAUTIFUL HEIST last year and absolutely adoring the story- I knew I wanted to read more about her jewel thief, Cat Montgomery. Let’s face it- for us goody-two shoes kind of readers, reading about Cat stealing jewels and the 2 incredibly hot men in her life is a bit of a thrill. Kim Foster indulges me in a read that is a bit voyeuristic about the life of a jewel thief- and then she indulges my sense of travel (hello, Paris!) and lastly- my dreams of 2 gorgeous men- one a sexy FBI agent (hello!) and the other an art thief (who has layers of wonderful under that sexy exterior).

The plot of A MAGNIFICENT CRIME was good. The identity of the Gargoyle was a good one- especially since clues were pointing to others. The chemistry between Cat and Jack, the allure of the characters was there. The details about Paris just made me want to go to Paris even more!

If you are looking for a fun read, something enjoyable  and that is a great beach read, then A MAGNIFICENT CRIME is a book that Traveling With T highly recommends!


*This book was sent to Traveling With T via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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