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A Magnificent Crime by Kim Foster

Kensington Books- June 5th

Hey ya’ll! So Traveling With T is super excited to be part of this A MAGNIFICENT CRIME blog tour! Kim Foster, the author, is- oh what’s the word I’m looking for- oh that would be: ADORABLE! When I had the opportunity to review her first book, A BEAUTIFUL HEIST, last year- a book about a jewel thief, a FBI agent, and an art thief- throw in some sizzling sexual chemistry and a cute storyline- well, you have a great read! So, when I found out about A MAGNIFICENT CRIME, I knew I had to get my hands on it- I had to know what Kim had cooked up for those great characters- and I knew I wanted to be a part of the blog tour! While my review will not post till Thursday (the day  A MAGNIFICENT CRIME releases!) I was ready to get you readers all excited!

So… Here’s the blurbs for A BEAUTIFUL HEIST (and you might see a blurb from Traveling With T!)


Praise for A BEAUTIFUL HEIST (first in the Agency of Burglary & Theft series):

a beautiful heist

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Thieves. Fashion. Romance. Action. Humor. What’s not to like? ~Tamara, Traveling With T Blog

If you are a reader who enjoys thrills coupled with well-developed characters, pick up A Beautiful Heist. Not only will it have you on the edge of your seat at times, it will also give you a character who promises to only get more interesting in future installments. ~Tia, Mom In Love With Fiction Blog

Kim Foster’s debut novel is an enjoyable, convoluted and action-packed caper. It’s a nonstop ride from the first chapter until the very end. Full of schemes and betrayals, human sacrifice and treasure hunts, this new but capable author captures her audience in a tightly-plotted and intricately set up first-in-series. ~Jessie, Ageless Pages Reviews

Cat herself proves to be more nuanced than I expected…A Beautiful Heist is a fun read–light, fast-paced, yet with enough character development to deepen the reader’s enjoyment. It’s got a good balance of action and suspense with real-life choices and implications. It’s a great summer read. ~Elizabeth, 5 Minutes for Mom Blog

A Beautiful Heist is a satisfying caper novel, with lots of twists and turns in the plot and plenty of glamour in the settings and the characters. There’s enough romance and suspense for readers of romantic suspense, but the complexity of the story and the characters lifts it from the genre. It’s a gripping novel and would make a great movie. ~Rebecca, More Than A Review Blog

It’s a terrific yarn, really, as this woman dodges the FBI, the IRS, a Russian casino-owning family, a former thief turned author, and also tries to get a promotion within the company of thieves. ~Tara, Book Babe Blog

Who doesn’t love a good caper? I know I do, and A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster is just about as good as it gets. ~Angela, All Grown Up Blog

I had so much fun reading A Beautiful Heist! A modern heist story that, refreshingly, has a woman as its main character. An ethical thief? And an agency of thieves? Great ideas that make this story stand out from the others. I’m looking forward to the next one in the series! ~Melissa (on Goodreads)

Cat is all about trouble. If trouble doesn’t find her, she’s sure to find it. That’s easy to do when you’re a slick, talented and beautiful jewel thief. For me, it was love at first sight, when she stole my heart and left me laughing out loud from caper to caper. This one is destined for the big screen. The book’s a gem and so is writer Kim Foster. ~Jim (on Goodreads)

A Beautiful Heist is a fun and fast read. Our heroine (or villain) Cat is relatable and we root for her from page one. Suspense, thrills, and romance mixed in with fumbles and personal challenges make this an enjoyable group of characters to get to know. One of my favourite movies is To Catch A Thief and the shout out to Cary Grant’s character was a nice surprise. ~Katja (on Goodreads)

I really enjoyed this book. It grabbed me at the start and I couldn’t wait to finish it. Now I want more! I liked how smart Cat was but not perfect. She has typical (realistic) parents and conflicts with them as well with her other relationships. Everybody has their weaknesses and faults and Kim Foster dished on that beautifully. We all have fantasized about doing something exceptionally well but not everyone that does do something well takes it head on. I liked Cat’s energy, courage and drive to do what she wants for herself despite her relationships being affected. ~Paula (Amazon review)

Had heard that this story was like reading Janet Evanovich. I found it to be great and could not put down, laughed out loud and felt for her in the troubles of life. Can’t wait for the next one. ~ Denny (Amazon review)

This is a really good book and was very entertaining with suspense, thrills and romance . The story flowed well and kept me glued to the book. I found it a very enjoyable read. The main character, Cat, was a very likable thief and one you could sympathize with. Her two romantic interests were well portrayed. Would make a good movie or tv series. I really hope the author continues with more in this series. I will definitely be on the lookout for more books by Kim Foster. ~Lynne (Amazon review)

Even more A BEAUTIFUL HEIST news…

Kim has put together a great post on A BEAUTIFUL HEIST for book clubs! Ideas on how to make book club a fun night!


Now…. Here’s what A MAGNIFICENT CRIME is all about!

A Magnificent Crime by Kim Foster

Photo Credit: Goodreads

About the Book

Everyone has a talent. Some are just more legal than others.

Cat Montgomery is a natural-born thief with a special gift for stealth—or at least she thought so. Years ago, she stole from the diamond-hoarding businessman Albert Faulkner III. Now he wants revenge, and he forces Cat to plan a heist of the infamous Hope Diamond while it’s on loan to the Louvre in Paris. If she fails the mission, he’ll wreak bloody havoc on her loved ones. But the stakes are raised even higher when Cat discovers that stealing the Hope is not only an impossible task, it’s a cursed one. . .

Meanwhile, Cat’s boyfriend, FBI agent Jack Barlow, is tracking a fierce criminal known as the Gargoyle, running into Interpol and resistance among his agency. As he follows the trail to Paris, where Cat is, their missions entwine in ways neither of them would have suspected. . .

A Magnificent Crime (Agency of Burglary & Theft #2) is scheduled for publication on June 5, 2014, by Kensington Books. It will initially be available as an ebook, and later as a trade paperback. It’s the second in a series called The Agency of Burglary & Theft. The first book in the series is titled A Beautiful Heist.


About the Author:

kim foster

Photo Credit: Provided by Author

Kim Foster is the author of the Agency of Burglary & Theft Series, a series of novels about a professional female jewel thief. Kim has a typical background for someone who writes thrillers about thieves and spies and criminals: she has a degree in medicine and is a practising family doctor. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t make much sense to her friends and family, either.)

She’s addicted to yoga, loves to travel, and has a clinical weakness for dark chocolate with sea salt. Online, you can find her blogging about her left-brain, right-brain mash-up on www.kimfoster.com. Kim lives with her husband and their two young sons in Victoria, BC, where she’s hard at work on her next book. And drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee.

Connect with Kim: Facebook and Twitter.


Oh and one more special treat: Kim is having a Twitter party with giveaways (RAINBOWS! SPARKLES! HEARTS!) Ya’ll know how I LOVE a giveaway!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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