Ember Island by Kimberley Freeman (plus giveaway!)

ember island by kimberly freeman

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a honest review.

Ember Island

When Nina Jones arrives at Ember Island, she arrived with one mission- check on the family house, Starwater House, that she had been renting to a couple who was running a whale-watching business. When Nina arrives, she sees damage and already knows the couple has left the house- so she hopes to find someone who can quickly fix the place.

Nina, the best-selling author of the Widow Wayland series, is in a bit of a writer’s block funk. She’s having a hard time writing the next book, questioning her legitimacy as a writer, and reeling from news about her ex-boyfriend. To add further to complications, Nina has a relentless reporter attempting to contact her about her great-grandmother, Eleanor (or Nell as she is also known). Nina, for many reasons wishes to not speak to this reporter.

As the renovations began on the estate, papers are found in odd places. They are pages of a journal that Eleanor kept as a child and tell a story of life back in the late 1800’s and a governess named Tilly.

Through Nell’s journals, Nina begins to learn about Tilly, Nell’s governess. Although Nell does not know about everything about Tilly- how she came to arrive at Ember Island, the circumstances of her disastrous marriage or the guilt that Tilly carries with her-what Nina does learn is intense and a beautiful story.

Nina and Tilly, separated by over a hundred years, learn many things on Ember Island. They face the wrongs of their past. They learn new strengths about themselves. And they learn the most important lesson- love makes life worthwhile.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Last year, when the opportunity to review LIGHTHOUSE BAY by Kimberley Freeman presented itself, so did the chance to interview Kimberley. After reading LIGHTHOUSE BAY (and LOVING it!) and then interviewing Kimberley Freeman– I knew that when her next book released (which she revealed a bit about in the interview) I would read it as I had fallen in love with Kimberley’s voice. EMBER ISLAND is no exception- and I might even enjoy it more than LIGHTHOUSE BAY.

The stories of Nina and Tilly kept me flipping pages. Precocious Nell, who at times I did wish would not eavesdrop so, made me wonder how different her life would have been had she been born in a different time frame. And the men- the men of both stories- how I cheered some of them on, how I longed to pinch others (I’ll let you decide who deserved the cheering and the pinching!)

Looking for an historical fiction that will keep you up half the night because you simply must know what happens next? Try EMBER ISLAND. Your book club needs a new book that is highly discussable and entertaining? EMBER ISLAND is the answer. EMBER ISLAND, with it’s beautiful cover, will be a treasure to add to your bookshelf. But the story behind the cover- that is what makes EMBER ISLAND the real treasure.

*This book was sent to Traveling With T from Touchstone books in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

And now for the GIVEAWAY! Yes, folks, Traveling With T has 3, yes, 3 copies of EMBER ISLAND to give away. Giveaway is US only- check the Rafflecopter link for more info.

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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