Small Town Spin by LynDee Walker

Small Town Spin by LynDee Walker, A Headlines in Heels Mystery #3

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This book was requested through Netgalley for review by Traveling With T.

Small Town Spin by LynDee Walker

When Parker, star sports columnist for the Richmond Telegraph, lets Nichelle know about a scoop- even though she is sick, her reporter instincts kick in. She wants to know the who, what and why of the scoop, fully expecting a sports scoop with some serious messiness. However, the scoop is more than that. A teenage boy, TJ Okerson, son of Tony Okerson (legendary sports athlete), has committed suicide. Because Parker asks and thinks that the Okerson’s need Nichelle’s special brand of reporting- she agrees to report the facts of the suicide- even though the case shakes her up.

When Nichelle arrives in the small-town Mathews (seriously- the town has a Mayberry vibe) and meets the Okerson’s- her heart breaks for this family. But, Nichelle has a story to write and she does with kindness and care. All the while, though, a thought niggles at Nichelle- why would TJ commit suicide? For all accounts, he was popular guy, good family, and had great things to look forward to in life.

When Nichelle hears about a second suicide in Mathews, she’s even more convinced that something is happening to these teenagers and is curious that it’s linked to moonshine and the teenager’s beach parties. She needs proof, though, and with the sheriff wanting to close the cases and get the national media out of small town- Nichelle knows it is up to her to play Nancy Drew. Lucky for Nichelle- she has a few Hardy Boys in her life (and 2 who are dying to play the role of Ned Nickerson- Nancy’s boyfriend).

With some help from Joey, the Mafia boss and Kyle, the ATF agent, Nichelle begins to close in on the what and why of the “suicides” in Mathews. However, some one know that Nichelle is on their tale- and they are not appreciative. Will Nichelle end up in a trap that even her fancy Manolos can’t get her out of?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Nichelle- the Moscato-drinking, fancy shoe wearing, fabulous character is back. Her love life is not any less complicated- but that’s ok. Nichelle’s having fun playing the field.

The mystery is good- the plot fast moving and sprinkled with enough people to have a motive, yet not so many that you wonder “When did we meet this person?” The characters are fleshed out- the Mafia boss with a heart of gold for Nichelle, the sexy ATF agent who wants to re-kindle their romance- neither of those characters feel one-dimensional. Even the office politics with Shelby or the fear of being scooped by Charlie feels real and not manufactured.

In a previous review, I have compared Nichelle to Lacey Smithsonian, fashion reporter, and this book just reinforces the comparison. Both are smart and classy, both deal with newspaper politics, both have greater journalistic aspirations. Nichelle may be a tad more relatable (it’s the Moscato and the love for fancy shoes!)

All in all- looking for a great mystery with a little slice of romance? Try SMALL TOWN SPIN.


*SMALL TOWN SPIN was requested through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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4 thoughts on “Small Town Spin by LynDee Walker

  1. melissa says:

    I am not familiar with Lyn Dee Walker but it sounds like a good quick read. I have a stack of TBR’s right now I am trying to get through but will add this one to my list.

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