Pearls and Poison by Duffy Brown

pearls and poison

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for an honest review.

Pearls and Poison

Reagan’s mama, the honorable judge Gloria Summerside (aka Judge Guillotine Gloria), is running for city alderman. Her main rival is Kip “Scummy” Seymour- and with only weeks to go before the election, the campaign is about to get dirtier- 6 feet more of dirt, to be exact.

After Kip “Scummy” Seymour is found dead as a door nail, the first thought is heart-attack (ole “Scummy” was not in the best of health). But, it’s quickly discovered that his heart-attack was helped by a poison in his honey-bourbon- and Gloria soon becomes the main suspect. Reagan knows her momma did not like “Scummy”, but also knows that she didn’t kill the man- even though the man did need killing. So, she sets out to put her nose in everyone’s business and sniff out the bad guy (or gal).

Ole Walker Boone, the lawyer that put the screws to Reagan during her recent divorce, has other ideas. He keeps telling Reagan to cool her heels and sell some clothes at her consignment shop- instead of sticking her nose in others business. Reagan doesn’t listen, though, and soon finds herself in trouble.

Can Reagan solve the mystery of who killed “Scummy”? Will Walker Boone have to save Reagan? And just  what is the story between Boone and Reagan? Lots of things happening in Savannah, Georgia!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

This is the 3rd book in the Consignment Shop Mystery series and while technically it stands alone- readers may want to consider starting this series from the beginning. This being the 3rd book, there is some backstory to the Reagan/Boone situation and just generally getting to know the other characters.

The names of the characters- good gosh. Ok, so I’m a Southern girl from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and I even had a hard time keeping up with all the names. Money-Honey, Marigold, Auntie KiKi- and much more. Honestly, at times I felt that there was too many characters being mentioned for a short book. You’ll learn the names- but it can take a bit of time (and for some readers that will be a turn-off). For me, I attributed part of my problem with the character’s names as to this being the first I read in the series and just not feeling familiar with the characters.

The mystery- the mystery is fine. Cute, at times. The “who-done-it” was not a big shock, but it was not just super-easy to figure out, either. The setting- Savannah makes for a nice setting.

The main appeal, to me, though was the budding relationship/friendship between Boone and Reagan. These 2 might have a future at solving mysteries and being cute together (we shall see how future books work out!)

Looking for a cute cozy? A mix of fun characters, good one-liners and a not too easy mystery to solve? Try PEARLS AND POISON.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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