Ripples And The Power Of Google Plus (aka Why You Want Ripples)

ripples the power of Google Plus


Ripples. We all know how water looks as it ripples (pretty cool, right?) But what if social media had ripples? Think about it- you share this, another person shares it, someone else, and so on and so forth- until the whole darn thing either goes viral or just kind of stops. Social media, at it’s core, is about this effect. But, until Google Plus rolled out this feature, Ripples, how did we know about a post being shared and where and for how long? Truthfully we didn’t. At least not in the way Google Plus is showing us. And this is a cool thing- and you totally want ripples.

A few weeks ago, the fab Jenny Melrose spoke of Ripples during one of her “How to Use Google Plus” articles. I read the info and meant to check back every once in awhile to see if any of my posts had “rippled”, but then honestly I forgot.

Until today….

Rebecca from Love At First Book shared a tutorial from The SITS Girls today on my Traveling With T Facebook page. And guess what? I’m mentioned in the tutorial (well not actually vocally mentioned- but you can see my name) and it’s all related to the POWER OF THE RIPPLE.

Let me break it down for you…

A few weeks ago, I shared a post from The SITS GIRLS- just a cute picture with words of inspiration- something to the effect of “You know all those things you want to do? You should go do them!” Cute and fun- and I just clicked that “share” button and titled my post “LOVE”. And then, I didn’t think of that post again.Β  Fast forward till today… The SITS Girls and their tutorial on Ripples featured that post and showed how it rippled and how I, Tamara, was a part of that ripple effect!

Here is a link to the infographic of The SITS Girls Ripple Effect.

Here is the link to the tutorial on Google Plus Ripples by The SITS Girls (How to Use Google Plus Ripples)

And here is the official word from Google on what a Ripple is!


Now that you know what a ripple is- aren’t you so excited to go to your Google Plus page and see if any of your posts have ripples? Go on and check. I’ll waitΒ Β  πŸ™‚

Whether you have ripples or not- the important thing today is that you learned about what a ripple is and hopefully can take that knowledge and “ripple” all over the place!


Did you know about ripples before today? Did you have any posts that have ripples? Tell me in the comments below or stop by Traveling With T’s Facebook page!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off



16 thoughts on “Ripples And The Power Of Google Plus (aka Why You Want Ripples)

  1. I want/need to start using Google+ more. It hasn’t been easy to navigate for me. Of course, if I would take the time to sit down and read one of the tutorials, it would probably all become clear. Now, I just need to motivate myself, although the ripple helps.

    • Rory, I STRONGLY suggest following Jenny Melrose and Peg Fitzpatrick. Jenny does a series of incredibly wonderful tutorials on how to use G+ and Peg always has some tips or a cool infographic.

      I still feel like such a newbie- but I’ve been reading the tutorials and just following the advice!

  2. Tamara, I loved this post! You go girl! There also a Facebook group called Bloggers who Google+. Anyone can join, it’s a great place for people to learn about Google +. Search FB and request to be added when you find it!

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