Social Media & Opinions- should you always voice yours?


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I’m opinionated. I have thoughts and opinions on many things- from books to more hot topic subjects- such as politics and lifestyles.  Mama always told me 2 things “It was ok to have an opinion” and “To be careful of what you write- sometimes words can be used against you”. This advice, given years before my mama even knew that one day social media would be around, has probably been a rule that most people should consider, if not follow.

Famous people are known for putting their opinions out in the world of social media. Some of us like the opinions, some of us do not. Is there anything wrong with putting your opinion out there in the Twitter-verse? On the surface, no. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion- no matter how popular (or not it is)- but the Twitter-verse is not always the best place. Maybe because it’s 140 characters, maybe because it’s so easy to retweet, maybe because in a written word- you can’t tell tone, inflection or meaning always.

What if you aren’t “famous”? Perhaps you are, say, a new-ish  author with a desire to be famous one day- and you’ve recently published a new book. A book that has a theme, or a character, or plot that might potentially rub some people the wrong way- what do you do then? Do you stand up for your book? Do you tweet your opinion on subject matter to your followers? Do you “be true to yourself”- no matter the outcome?

Recently I was sent a book for review- a book that I enjoyed. And wrote a positive review. I was pleased to see that the author tweeted about the positive review- and I tweeted “Thanks- enjoyed the book!” When the author tweeted me back, even though I simply had said “thanks- enjoyed the book” the author added some commentary, commentary that after reading the Twitter time-line, I realized this said author had been having some problems with people commenting about choices his characters made. What would you have done if you were the author- simply accepted the “thanks” or taken the opportunity to say thanks & voice opinion on social commentary?

When your job is to sell something- do you have to let the opinions of others slide off your back like water on a duck? Or, because you created something- something that you put your blood, sweat and tears into- does that obligate you to defend it to everyone?


What do you think?




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10 thoughts on “Social Media & Opinions- should you always voice yours?

  1. I think it’s definitely ok with expressing your opinion on any subject. Some things are not always worth your time and energy but that’s where your discernment comes in at. So many people refrain from self expression out of fear of the negativity that might come out of it. I’m just saying.

    • Interesting view-point. And understandable- do you think that famous people are able to express their opinions on social media more or less than us “regular” people? Should they be able to be themselves? Or does being famous come with a side of “Not always being able to be the “real” you?”

      • Well, Lets look at Kanye West, whom voices his opinion on a regular basis without any filter what so ever. He gets criticized alot about how he feels. Then you have celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, whom keep quiet about almost everything. Especially, when it pertains to their relationship. They are criticized about being too quiet. So I say, do what you feel is right for you. But as celebrities, its blown out of proportion more because of their social status. There is no right or wrong answer because either way, it will always be someone who will not agree. You will never be able to satisfy everyone and especially, if your a celebrity.

  2. Hmmm. I’m all for expressing opinions, BUT you said you enjoyed the book and so the author should have just said thanks and then privately messaged you about their concerns (which has happened to me and ended up being a great way to build a relationship). Meanwhile, I express all of my opinions, many of which are of the political variety (then again, that’s what I’m in school for…..) Good question!

    • I was really torn by the tweet- all in all- he made a comment that was totally fine. BUT the way he replied to my tweet was a way that could backfire later (and that’s my main concern). After reading the tweet, I checked the author’s Twitter feed- several posts about “losing x amount of followers for being “too political” & many more things of that nature.” Apparently the author has encountered some negative reviews or tweets or something. I applaud said author for voicing his opinions/beliefs – BUT….. I’m concerned that social media image might be damaging long term potential.

      Which got me thinking: When you are an up and coming author- should you be more true to yourself or know that for every 100 ppl who read the book- there is going to be some who like it, hate it, and some who are just ok with it?

      • It’s all about what your goal is. I’m pretty political and, honestly, if people don’t like it then they don’t have to follow me. I had many conversations with Love at First Book about adding in the political rundown and moving to more non-fiction reads and I knew that I’d lose some people over the change, but I also gained a lot more! So, it’s all about being true to yourself and if that’s who he is, then that’s fine.

        That said, he should still not drag you into it unless you said something to initiate the conversation -or- if you have a relationship already. For example, I feel like I could reply to you with a political comment because I know you and you know me, but I wouldn’t just send it to a random person.

      • YES! Exactly. Being true to yourself is ALWAYS in fashion. Dragging me into this- well, it’s what made me feel uncomfortable. Me and you- we have the kind of relationship where we can talk about things (even a political thing) and it works! 🙂 🙂

  3. Apparently I’ve missed a lot of your posts lately. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here on this, ok? I say, “Yes! Voice your opinions and don’t back down from them” but with a little side note that it doesn’t always have to be done directly to the person citing the criticisms. So, if this author was having issues with people criticizing character choices and/or other aspects of the book and they needed to sound off then go to their own blog, where they have their own supporters, and sound off! Write a post about criticisms received and the author response. Of course, it’s always best to take public perception into account. I have deliberately not read books just b/c of author behavior. I even had an author I considered a friend behave poorly and cause me to cease & desist on all other aspects of their career. More on that at another time…privately. 🙂

    • Exactly. Their opinion is fine. I just hated how I felt dragged into a potentially messy situation- when all I said was “TY! Enjoyed the book!” And public perception, as crass as this sounds, prob does need to be taken into account. It was just something that I understood WHY handled the way it was, just wish it had been handled a bit differently.
      I’m sooooooo looking forward to hearing THAT story!

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