To Reblog or not to Reblog? That is the Question!

to reblog or not to reblog that is the question

This post is inspired by The Book Musings– because without her- I might never would have taken the time to think about the implications of reblogging.

A few weeks ago I found a post from The Book Musings about reblogging and her asking people to not reblog her posts (Note: This was back during her time as a blogger with a partner- since she has become TBM- she’s not had to worry about this problem.) At first, I read through the post- and while I respected her stance- I did wonder “Is this a big deal or not?” Based on my experience with reblogging- it was just one of those quirky WordPress features. But, I dug deeper. I thought harder. And- it clicked. While I’ve not had really any negative experiences with the reblogging- I’m sure some have. And that’s got to be disheartening.

So What Is Reblogging?

Simply- it’s adding a post that someone else wrote to your blog. No, it does not say you wrote it and if you click on the link- it takes you to the original posting. There’s probably a better way of explaining it- I’m just shooting for simple and easy!

Why Would You Reblog?

For me- the times I’ve reblogged a post is either when I was interviewed by a fellow WordPress blogger or when I was jointly hosting Book Lovers Unite and we were posting discussion questions. Both examples worked out great- and was just a quick way to make sure the others knew about new stuff.

That is why I reblogged.

Why You Should Not Reblog

An occasional reblog is fine, in my opinion. However, if a great percentage of “your” blog posts are actually reblogs- well….. Maybe you should cut back. Blogging is about a personal connection to people- and if these are not your words, even if you aren’t taking credit- you’re missing out on the personal connection.

You started this blog for a reason. Maybe it was to be a writer. Maybe it was because all the cool kids were doing it. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe- you just needed a hobby- a safe place to talk about things you like and if you found some other like-minded folks, well- even better.

Let people get to know YOU. Not the reblog.

Should You Take The Reblogged Post Down?

There are going to be people, like me, that are not caring so much about my content being reblogged (at least this is my view point currently). The few times it has happened- it’s been to a place that I did not mind- and it was fine. HOWEVER- there are people who want no part of reblogging- and if someone asks you to take a post down- do the decent thing and take it down. Doesn’t matter if you agree. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s a nutty request. Respect the bloggers wishes- and build a good karmic reputation amongst other bloggers. While I’m not a lawyer- I’m going to say that as long as the post has this reblog feature- you are probably in your rights to click it. However, it’s just better to err on the side of caution when someone asks you politely to take something down. Again- one day your future blogger self will thank you for taking this advice.

What to Do When You See a Post You Would Like to Reblog?

You see a post- and think, I would love to reblog this. So what should you do? You have a couple of options: 1. You can reblog. 2. You can ask for permission from the writer to reblog. 3. You can give a linky shoutout.

What should you do? Depending on the relationship with the person- I STRONGLY advise #3. Option #2 is fine, though. Proceed with caution about #1- I’d only do that if I KNEW the blogger would not mind.

Reblog or Link Shoutout? What do You Prefer?

I mean, aren’t they kind of the same thing? Yes and no. While technically both could be considered a shoutout- the link shoutout is preferable to all the bloggers I talked to. Link Shoutouts make bloggers feel good- and everyone likes to see a pingback ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your thoughts on reblogging? For it? Against it? Not really thought about it?

Comment and let me know- I’m so VERY curious!

*Traveling With T’s note: While I’ve had my posts reblogged in the past, please know that I value my content and would prefer a link shoutout as opposed to a reblog.

20 thoughts on “To Reblog or not to Reblog? That is the Question!

    • Thanks! The people that have re-blogged me in the past I have not minded- but I DO think the link/summary shout-out is prob most preferred by majority of bloggers. Again, not something I’d thought of much before- and was pleasantly surprised to find that people had opinions (some strong opinions) on the reblog!

      There are def a few bloggers that I’ve been seeing over the past couple or 3 months that I would not mind having guest post b/c I’m loving their posts!

  1. Hmm, when I was on WordPress I was always thrilled when people reblogged my posts! I was especially cool w/ it because it does link back to me. I would usually visit the person that reblogged me and try to start a bloggy friendship. For me, it was a great way to start networking. I also did reblog a few people’s posts and I never had any issue with it.

    • Agreed. Having a post of mine reblogged is how I found some neat blogs in my earlier days. I HAVE had a reblog or 2 in the past few months that I really can’t figure out why it was reblogged (our blogs really had nothing in common & they never did try to create a bloggy friendship.)

      I’m not totally anti reblogging- but I do understand why some are. I think used in the right way, with the right intent, it can be a fun. But, reading some other comments in a previous discussion- I won’t be reblogging anyone’s post without permission (and if I have to take the extra step of asking- I’d just rather give the link shoutout- which is win win for people everywhere.

  2. Of course you know my thoughts on it. I wouldn’t have agreed to co-write that post with my co-blogger if I didn’t agree. I appreciate a linky-shout out and I fully agree if you’re co-hosting a blog event or if an interview was done about you then that’s fine. I would also be open to reblogging if the person asked first, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with your thoughts on personal connection, your readers want your opinion on books (or whatever you blog about).

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your policy that you wrote with your former co-blogger- seriously love. Straight forward and to the point! I hope that people ARE asking you instead of just reblogging since you’ve made it clear how you feel!

      Thanks- after I read your post, I started looking at other blogs- and I found 1 or 2 that were nothing but reblogs- and I’m like “what’s the point?” Blogging IS a way to create a personal connection and they are totally missing out!

  3. I think I’d be pleased if someone reblogged my post, as long as it was clearly attributed. I’d prefer to be notified though and would expect someone to take it down if I asked. I reblogged someone’s post once to advertise an event of theirs, but other than that, I’ve chose to do a link and summary instead. I think you’re right that reblogging doesn’t give you as much of a connection with your readers.

    • I think the problem with reblogging is that most aren’t clearly attributing. Of course when you click on link it takes you to correct site- but…..

      I’m NOT totally against reblogging. I think, in the right ways, it’s a good thing. I do def think that the reblog does not give you the connection. It MIGHT make me want to visit the site where you reblogged- but then I’ll probably quit visiting your site!

  4. I hate reblogging. If youโ€™re going to mention my blog, then mention my blog and talk about why youโ€™re sharing it. IF the reblogging actually attributed the original blog in a better way, Iโ€™d probably feel differently. And how do I know if someone reblogged me? Does WP tell me?

    • WP does tell you- BUT I don’t think your blog post can be reblogged anymore. I think it’s only a feature that happens when you either have free WP like me or are still hosted on their servers. But, yes, when my posts have been reblogged- there is a notice in my comment section & the little notification has a special arrow (much like Twitter’s RT button) to show that you have been reblogged.

      I think reblogging is one of those things either we as bloggers feel very passionate over OR are just “meh” about. I’ve been loving seeing where everyone falls on that issue!

  5. Great posit! I’ve been reblogged a few times by a blog that seems to post vey little original content; we’re talking multiple reblogs a day and entire pages without any non-reblogged content. It makes me really mad; I don’t put the effort into writing my posts just to provide content for someone who’s too lazy to do it herself!

    I do really appreciate link shoutouts, though! I think that’s a much better way to share qualiy content.

    • Thanks Leah! Yes, I have been reblogged by a site like that once (and those are the kind of reblogs I hate!) I’m ok-ish with other reblogs (but I prefer the link shoutout!)

      I’m thinking I want to add a “please do not reblog” in my upcoming (writing it soon!) policies page. Though, I don’t know it would help or if it should be mentioned since I’m reblogged so few times. Thoughts?

  6. Nordie says:

    I dont mind a one off, or even occasional reblog, if it’s amongst own created work. HOWEVER, i’ve recently had one blog reblog 5 or 6 pieces of my work, spread across reblogs from a whole swathe of other blogs – and not a single “here’s one I made earlier” post amongst them.

    Must admit I was fed up with it at this point and did a pointed comment on her reblogged version of my post, where i told her to stop reblogging my work (especially since she hadnt asked permission to bulk use my work, or given credit anywhere on her site that she would be reblogging from other sites and giving credit to her “contributors”). To be fair she hasnt dont it since.

    I also put a copyright statement on every post. May or may not hold up against future attempts, but I can at least b*tchslap anyone with it, should they try something similar

    • Ooh, that makes me mad. One commenter in BBDIB said that she thought ppl reblogged for the pingbacks. So maybe that is what that person calls themselves doing?

      Anyway- I think YOU should ask someone about reblogging before you do it- *****especially***** if you are just Joe Blow blogger and we’ve never had any contact. And I def think that if someone makes a comment about stopping reblogging, then right then- STOP. Take down what you posted. Never go back to that blog for reblogging. It’s just common courtesy!

      Ooh, I hadn’t thought abt a copyright statement. I mean I have something I think in my policies- but should something be in sidebar?

  7. I think this is probably a stupid question, but I still don’t understand what a reblog is? I assume it’s more than just mentioning someone else’s post in one of your posts and including the link?
    I have a WordPress blog, but am not familiar with this feature.

    • It’s not a stupid question- basically, if you are using WP (and are not self-hosted b/c I don’t think self-hosted has to deal with this option) when I am reading blogs/or visiting other WP blogs while logged into my account- at the top- it has a “like”, “follow” or “reblog” function. Reblogging is taking your post and having it posted on my blog- it’ll say something like “Reblogged from Sarah’s Book Shelves” and if you click on the post- it’ll take you to your post. Does that make sense?

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