Are You A Commenter Or A Lurker?

commenter or lurker

Commenter or Lurker?

Here’s a confession: I’m terrible at commenting on blogs. TERRIBLE. I share like nobody’s business, I link up like a pro, I shout-out like I’m dancing around the house to a Katy Perry song (another confession: I’m usually chair dancing as I tend to my blog business!) But when it comes to the actual, physically going to your blog and commenting- yep, it just does not happen that much.

Why? Oh why? Oh gee golly, the times I have asked myself this. If I had a nickel for every time I asked- I could retire from my day job and live the bloggiest life ever- giveaways every day and nothing but reading while drinking the finest champagne. After much discussion and thought process- here are some of my reasons:

1. Blogger blogs are harder for me to comment on- especially because many are still using Captcha and geez- I mess up Captcha more times that I get it right. One day me and Captcha are going to wood shed and only 1 of us is coming back- get my drift!  Now I know some of you are saying “Oh, but T, Blogger has Open ID and you being a WordPress girl- it’s no problem to comment when a blog has that.” Yes- I know that.. which leads me to point 2..

2. Sometimes I’m too lazy too log into my account to actually do the Open ID or to comment on my buddies WordPress blogs. Seriously, this fact probably should not be revealed- but it’s true.

3. And many times I forget. I tell myself to comment- and then I close the page and I’ve forgotten what blog I was looking at (when you read as many as I do- this happens more than you would think).

4. Lastly, if I share, like, tweet, G+ and any other social media- should I comment? Is there a fine line between being enthusiastic about your friends posts and creeping to a stalker-ish side?

But, seriously, know reasons 1,2 & 3 are my main reasons for not commenting as much as I want.

Why I Like to Lurk

When I just discover a blog- I may lurk for weeks before I even mention to anyone about this blog I like. Why? I like to get a feel for the blog- for the writing, the opinions- the thought process. Sometimes, I’m sad to report, I find a blog post and really like it. REALLY think it’s great. And then… that’s all. The magic is over. Maybe the blogger is not blogging anymore. Maybe they are having personal issues. Lurking gives me time to see the blog, see the other commenters and see if this is place that I’d like to hang out. Do you do this? Or do you dive in and comment?

Why I Should Comment More

EVERYONE likes comments. I love comments (unless they are the creepy sp*m- rhymes with ham- comments). Those I hate almost as equally as Captcha.

I should comment more because commenting is good. It shows friends that I care about their writing. Commenting leads to deeper discussions- than say “Liking” on Facebook or something like that (although you can have a great chat back and forth on Facebook/Twitter/G+.

If you are not a commenter- join me in my quest to be a better commenter!

PS: And If you think I hate Captcha, read The Book Wheel and The Relentless Reader take on it. Captcha has met it’s match with those 2.

38 thoughts on “Are You A Commenter Or A Lurker?

  1. I HATE CAPTCHA! Obviously. So thanks for sharing the challenge 🙂 As for me, I’m a commenter. But, I don’t comment on anything with Captcha because, as a commenter, I prefer to spend my time elsewhere. Nothing is worse than reading a post, loving it, wanting to comment on it, and then getting stuck typing in those little #s and letters. I use a Feedreader and I won’t lie – Captcha people are in their own folder and I never look at it.

    And considering you’re a lurker, I appreciate all of your comments on The Book Wheel 🙂

    • Agreed! I totally understand!

      Aww you are welcome! First, I just love the content you post! Plus- both you and Rebecca have such an easy commenting process- name, email, website- and I like the CommentLuv!

      When I go to comment on your blogs- there is none of this- you have to be logged into your account, Twitter, etc. I can just post. B/c if I’m not logged in- oh it annoys me. And sometimes- and maybe it’s just me- but if I try to comment and am not logged in- then open a new tab to log in- then I still can’t comment. I have to open another tab after I’ve been logged in & I’m “Oh! This is a lot of work!”

  2. I’m probably half commenter, half lurker. How much I comment often depends on a lot of factors. Like you, I sometimes find it a little difficult to comment on Blogger, or I’m not logged into WordPress at the time, and don’t want to log in to leave just one comment. However, if I noticed I haven’t been commenting on blogs lately, or on blogs that I usually comment on, I’ll make some effort to be a little more active.

  3. Christine says:

    I only comment when I have something meaningful to add. I hate when people comment/review things just for the sake of doing it (like reviews that just say “I liked it”).

    I also refuse to comment when I’m required to link to another account (like Google or Facebook) or leave my email publicly. I like blogs like yours where I can just enter my email privately and comment.

    Therefore, I end up lurking a lot.

    • TY! 🙂 🙂 I Like how my commenting system is set up too (but wasn’t sure if others liked it!)

      My comments may not always be thought provoking- sometimes it’s just a quick one- BUT I try not to just comment to comment!

      Lurking is cool 🙂

  4. Like Christine, I often struggle to find something meaningful to add to some blog posts, but I do want to let people know I’m reading. I’m really trying to comment more lately, but I want to make sure that I’m not just leaving useless comments.

    • YES! I so understand this! I want the comment to mean something and not just be all generic as much as possible. If I just want to say “Great” or something- I usually just share on social media and comment like that.

  5. I comment most if I agree or have just found a book, recipe etc to try myself. I have a blog roll I visit and then in memes like Its Monday, What are you Reading? I try to visit new to me blogs. I’d rather a comment than a share….maybe. RT on fb is just so easy so why not do both. Lol

    • I’ll admit that since FB or Twitter is where I see the most of the blogs I follow- it’s so easy to share or RT.
      But commenting makes people feel good- it’s tangible proof that someone liked your post!

  6. I’m a total commenter! I comment all the time on sites I read but usually only when:
    1) it’s a book I’ve read
    2) it’s a book I totally want to read
    3) it’s a genre that I really love
    4) it’s a genre that I haven’t yet explored
    5) it was a blog recommended by a friend
    6) it is a blog that has joined one of my book tours
    7) it’s a new bloggy friend I’ve met on Facebook
    8) or Twitter
    9) or Pinterest
    10) or LinkedIn
    11) or Google +
    12) or any other network I’m forgetting to mention here
    13) it makes me laugh
    14) it makes me sad
    15) it makes me cringe
    16) they are being attacked
    17) they seem super nice
    18) they commented on my blog first
    19) are you getting my drift….. ?

    Lol. Hooray comments!

  7. Malinda McConnell says:

    If it’s a new blog that I’ve just run across or I’m just starting to follow, I’m a total lurker (is that a word?) but if it’s a blog that I’ve followed for a while, I’m a total commenter.

  8. I’m with you on 1-2-3 above. And since I’m in the throes of writing my own book, I do more lurking than commenting. If I get caught up in reading blogs, the book won’t get finished. And about that CAPTCHA thing, you and Allison in her comment above have covered it for me! I like Allison’s idea about a folder in her feed for those who require those little thingies be dealt with. I guess you’d say I’m about 60/40 lurker/commenter. Not as good as I should be but then which of us can be all things to all bloggers.

    • YESSSSSSS! Some days I swear I need a personal assistant to just keep up with the bloggy, social media and other commitments! I can’t even imagine trying to write a book AND dealing with the other things!

      CAPTCHA used to not bother me so much many years ago. Either I had more patience or I could make out the letters better or the letters have gotten progressively wackier (plus now the darn numbers!)
      But now…. Oh gee whiz now- I just want to scream “For the love all bloggy things- please quit! My eyes, my brain can’t take CAPTCHA”.

      You can’t be EVERYTHING- and 60/40 is not bad. Not bad at all 🙂

      TY for stopping by!

  9. I’m mostly a lurker, with occasional bursts of commenting. When I have time I’ll post bunches of comments on most posts that I read. Unfortunately, the time to do that doesn’t happen that often.

    I’m with you on the blogger blogs too, and it won’t let me comment on those from my phone, which I tend to use for reading.

    If I really want to comment on something I’ll Pocket it and try to remember to go back later and comment.

    I like posts on WordPress a lot, mostly it’s a “hi, I’ve read this and loved it but don’t have the time to comment right now”, lol!

    I’m also terribly bad at responding to comments on my own blog 😦

    • Good grief- fist bump on the TIME thing! I know exactly what you are talking about!

      Blogger is just not as nice to me for commenting. I hate it b/c I have quite a few blogs that I like over there!

      Ooh H- it’s ok about not responding to comments- I actually do that pretty well. Most everyone gets a response- and if I know it’s your first time here- a TY for stopping by!
      I TRY really hard to make TWT a place that people are welcome and to have fun!

      I’m TERRIBLE at responding to the response on the blogs I comment on (did that confuse you?)

  10. I used to always comment on blogs. But that was when I read them on my computer so I could easily do it. Now I read all my blogs from my ipad and it’s a huge pain! Especially with blogs still on blogspot. It never lets me comment on those.

  11. I try to comment whenever possible. I don’t comment on every post I read because that would be very time consuming, but I try to leave comments because I feel it is important for people to feel encouraged to keep writing the posts I enjoy reading.

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