Buried Leads by LynDee Walker (EWD 2.A)

buried leads

Photo Credit: Escape W/ Dollycas

Nichelle is back! Wearing her fabulous designer high heels (size 9, by the way) One night, Nichelle hears some news about a dead body on her police scanner. Never one to let a scoop pass her by, she grabs her fancy Manolo’s and heads to the scene of the crime! When Nichelle gets there, she sees the body in an Armani suit and wonders how and why this man arrived at his fate. Poking around the crime scene- she finds something that the crime scene techs missed- and wonders how important the clue is.

The dead man is a tobacco lobbyist- which in the land of tobacco and politics is making Nichelle see a potential big story in her future. Good for Nichelle because there is a copy-editor wanting her courtroom beat and a TV reporter trying to out-scoop her. In the land of politics- where Nichelle is fiercely longing to be- Nichelle begins to investigate Senator Grayson, a local politician who might be up to his eyeballs in dirty politics. Nichelle has a hard time deciphering what a tobacco lobbyist and politician who is against tobacco have in common- but she discovers a link, a link that appears innocent at first,  which leads to a whole set of other questions.

When Nichelle’s sexy Mafia boss friend, Joey, stops by to warn her off the search into Grayson’s background- Nichelle does not want to listen. She wants to get the political scoop of the year- so she can move up in the world of news. Nichelle gets deeper and deeper into the world of politics and tobacco- and just to complicate matters further- her ex-boyfriend, Kyle, is now living in Virginia being a hottie ATF agent. Kyle wouldn’t mind heating things up again with Nichelle, but the sexy Mafia boss might prove to be a crimp in his plans.

Politics, tobacco, gambling and call girls- how do those things go together?  Will Nichelle get the scoop? Or will she get scooped? Read Buried Leads to find out!

Traveling With T’s Thoughts

This is the 2nd book in the Headlines in High Heels mystery series- but my first to read. Nichelle is delightful- fun, entertaining, cute, drinks Midori Sours and Moscato (my kind of girl!) and has some funny one-liners. Cute and fun- a good mystery with enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing. Plus, enough romance- Nichelle has 2 very fine men in her life- one a sexy Mafia boss, the other a hottie ATF agent. While this is not exactly like Lacey Smithsonian’s Crimes of Fashion series written by Ellen Byerrum- there are some similarities- which I think is one reason I enjoyed Nichelle (I adore Lacey!)

This is not a  cozy mystery- although it does has cozy elements. The language is bit spicier, the mystery has a bit of a harder edge. Enjoyable, entertaining, and definitely worth a read!


To see other reviews, giveaways, interviews and more- please visit the Buried Leads Tour Page!

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