Zeke- 1 year later..

It’s been 1 year since my beloved boxer, Zeke, passed away. Life goes on- but I still miss that funny dog. His bunny-hop down the driveway, looking in at the window when he wanted me to come outside, pushing his bowl around as he ate his food. I miss our walks around the land- taking pictures. Miss buying him bones and watching him throw the bone in the air and grin. He brought joy and happiness to so many- and all he really ever wanted was a good ear rub and an enthusiastic voice saying “That’s a good Zeke-y boy!”


Having a dog for 10 years changes you- makes you a better person. Seeing him grow from puppy-hood to adult-hood is something else. Sometimes he would cock his head at me and I could ALMOST think he understood exactly what I was saying.

Other days, I would be playing music- and you could see by his steps when it was a song he liked.

Sitting outside reading, he would slide up near me and investigate my books. He sometimes would look over my shoulder as I read. Or nose my books- saying “T, read this 1 next!”

The last day Zeke was alive was hard. I knew it was coming. I hated there was nothing I could do. But I loved on him, petted him and provided him with Smartwater as we sat together- both knowing our time together was drawing to an end.

But today, I want to celebrate Zeke. The cuteness of Zeke. My love for my sweet dog.


This was taken during a lovely Thanksgiving day. I’d just gotten a new camera and wanted to play with the features. Who better to be a model than my dog?


A spring day. A day with no plans- except to enjoy the breeze in the air, the smell of flowers, and the pitter-patter of feet running behind me, investigating the land on our spring day walk.


                                                        So cute in sunglasses!

zeke collage fb

My sweet dog. Missing you.  Wish you were here today.

To Zeke- the greatest dog. You were and always will be loved.

To read more about Zeke- read Zeke, Zeke- “my you tell your dog first dog”, Good-bye Zeke, and Dog + Reading A book = Adorable

9 thoughts on “Zeke- 1 year later..

  1. k2reader says:

    Oh…what a sweet post to honor your Zeke…he definitely was a cute dog! Having now 2 dogs myself, I firmly believe they understand everything you say. Hope your memories of Zeke comfort you today!!! xoxo

    • 🙂 TY, K! 🙂 🙂

      I agree- sometimes I could just tell that he knew what I was saying! My memories and pictures are helping today- even though, I would love to look out the window and see him waiting to play with me outside today!

  2. Stopped in from Leah’s Link Up Share the Love Party, and found you and Zeke! Our son has had three boxers — Tia, Max and Henry — each one special and well loved and loving right back atcha. And each one has gone onto Boxer Heaven with many tears from all of us. I know how special a pet can be and I’m so glad you still celebrate Zeke! He’s quite the handsome dude and the king of coolness in those sunglasses. 🙂

    • 🙂 TY for stopping by! Zeke was the kind of dog that did not like sadness- he liked people laughing and being happy- so I try to remember that! I adore all my pics of him- but the sunglasses are prob my top 5 favorite 🙂

      Losing pets- oh it’s so hard!

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