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According to Allison @ The Book Wheel it’s National Dog Week! If you need to see some adorable pics of pups- she’s got them!

National Dog Week slipped up on me as I don’t have a dog anymore- my sweet dog is doing his “bunny hop” in a better place. I still miss Zeke, maybe not as much as in the days and weeks after he passed away- but still quite a bit. I can laugh about memories of him now, though.

Zeke’s bunny hop. The way he doggy smiled. How he would sit at the door waiting on me.


Other memories:

Coming back from New Orleans (Spring Break baby!) I was rolling my luggage back to the house, on the sidewalk. My roommate and I was chatting as we walked to my parent’s home, stopped and gaze Zeke a couple of quick pats and was going to head into the house to grab a drink and relax before heading back to college. I noticed, after a minute, that my luggage had gotten heavier, so I stopped and turned around- there was Zeke- riding on top of my luggage- with a big ole grin. He was happy to see me and did not want me rushing in! Plus, he just had this thing about luggage!


One day, I came home and was ready to get my Philosophy package- I had ordered the most divine smelling shower gel- this Melted Hot Chocolate. The package was not on the steps- which concerned me as I had checked the UPS order. I couldn’t find my dog, either. Then I catch a whiff in the air- a smell of hot chocolate. Immediately, I go searching. And yes, Zeke had ripped through the package. And chewed the bottle of 16 buck shower gel. Looking at him, I was pretty mad. I was in college- and that bottle cost me 2 hours of babysitting. And yet…. he looked so silly with shower gel all over him- and grinning- that I couldn’t stay TOO mad!


Other pictures and memoires of Zeke can be found here:

Zeke- my “you tell your dog first” dog

Dog + Reading A Book = Adorable!

Good-bye Zeke, Good-bye…. You Will Be Missed.

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