Kathleen Tessaro – Author Interview – The Perfume Collector

Great interview! Kathleen Tessaro talks of perfume, soap and many other things! Def worth a read!

The Fragrant Man

Tonight in The Scented Salon we have with us is Kathleen Tessaro, the novelist. You may have read her book Elegance about a modern woman who changed her life by reading a French style manual called A Guide to Elegance written in the 1960’s by Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. Before publishing this work of fiction Kathleen was able to meet the now 80-year-old author (still living elegantly in the South of France) of the original style manual that inspired her book.


Kathleen’s latest book could have been named after you, yes, you, and you and you and you; it is called The Perfume Collector. Maybe you will find yourself in the plot as well as in the title.

The Perfume Collecto Kathleen Tassaro book review

Let’s chat with Kathleen now. The Perfume Collector Kathleen tassaro Welcome Kathleen; you are married with a son, live in Pittsburgh, America and have written 5 novels.

We would like to know…what was your first fragrance?

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