The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

the perfume collector

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Two women. One at the end of her life, the other in the midst of wondering who she is in life and wanting something more than to be a wife. While miles and circumstances separate  these two women-  each impacted the others life in strange and curious ways.

Grace knows she does not meet expectations as a socialite’s wife. She’s not a fan of parties, she dislikes small talk and she feels out of sorts at these events. However, her husband tries to make sure she knows the importance of meeting the right people. One night Grace attends a party of a well-sought after socialite in town.  At the party, her life takes the first step toward becoming a different life. The next step is that Grace receives a letter asking her to come to Paris about some personal matters. She takes a leap of faith and heads to Paris- where she finds out that she will inherit the proceeds from a sale of an apartment in Paris. Grace is stunned- she’s never heard of, let alone met this Eva d’Orsey.

Grace is determined to find out who Eva is and why she left her an inheritance. As Grace searches for answers, she discovers that Eva was a complicated person- and yet, a person that people did not quickly forget.  As Grace finds out more about Eva,  the information she finds out gives Grace the freedom to live life on her own terms- instead of others.

The Perfume Collector tells the story of Eva and Grace, the paths they took in life and interweaves their stories to create a beautiful book.  As the reader gets further in the story, they begin to learn about perfume- and the power of perfume.  Grace, on her journey to find out more about Eva, meets a mysterious perfume expert- who knows 2 things: Perfume and plenty about Eva. Through the mysterious lady, Grace gets lessons and information she will never forget.

By the end of the book- Grace has figured out two important lessons: 1. A lady should always be ready for an adventure and 2. Perfume should be worn- but it must tell a story- the story of the wearer’s essence.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Perfume? Check! A mystery? Check! Strong and interesting characters? Check! Beautiful cover? Check!

The Perfume Collector alternates between Grace and Eva’s story- the reader learning bit by bit about Eva- why she left Grace the inheritance, her modest upbringings, the good, the bad and the ugly of Eva’s life.

Interesting side story on how to make perfume and the power of scents, as well. Between the story of Grace and Eva and learning about perfume- the reader will soon becomes entranced by the world Kathleen Tessaro creates.

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