Interview with Reba White Williams, author of Restrike

RestrikeSeveral weeks ago, through TLC Book Tours, I had the opportunity to review Reba White Williams book, Restrike. Enjoying the mix of art and mystery (plus the 2 sassy women characters), I approached Reba White Williams about an interview. Happily she agreed!

Today, Reba will talk about her book, Restrike, and on Wednesday- she will be back to reveal #literayconfessions!

Interview with Reba White Williams

1. Reba, what was the inspiration for Restrike?

A: I love mysteries, and always wanted to write one. I got the idea of two female protagonists from an old TV show, Cagney & Lacey.


2. Coleman and Dinah—Southern girls now living in New York City. Which character is more similar to you, Reba?

A: I’m not much like either of them. But I’d like to think I’m as determined and as loyal as Coleman.


3. When writing Restrike, did you know how the book would end? Or did it reveal itself during the writing process?

A: Yes, I always knew how it would end.


4. Reba, do you have a writing space or routine?

A: Not really. I make notes when I have a thought, and incorporate it when I have a minute.


5. If Restrike was made into a movie, any idea or suggestions for a dream cast?

A: No, I haven’t thought about a film—just more books.


6. Will you be going on a book signing tour, Reba?

A: Yes, I have been touring for a while—and I leave for Maine next week.


7. Coleman and Dinah, what can readers expect from that duo in future books?

A: Fatal Impressions will be published in April 2014; Bloody Royal Prints, in October 2014.


*Special thanks to Reba White Williams for agreeing to this interview.


Reba White WilliamsReba White Williams, author of Restrike, is currently working on more stories of her sassy characters, Coleman and Dinah. If you like art and mystery- give Restrike a try. To learn more about Reba, visit her website.


To read Traveling With T’s review of Restrike, visit here.

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