Author Spotlight: Shannon Polson


north of hopeOn Wednesday, I interviewed Shannon Polson, author of North of Hope. Today, we’re going to learn more about Shannon- favorite books, what she wants to read next and more. If you like the author spotlight, be sure and read the interview with Shannon!


Author Spotlight: Shannon Polson

What are some of your favorite books, Shannon?

This is a tough question- my answer is always whatever I’m reading right now. On that note: I just finished Christian Wiman’s My Bright Abyss, which was amazing. I love Annie Dillard and Barry Lopez, all of them, Some of the books I talk about influencing me as I wrote North of Hope (there are so many!) include Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Lopez’s Arctic Dreams, Beryl Markham’s West With the Night, and Jill Ker Conway’s A Road from Coorain.

If you could choose to be a character in a book- who would you choose?

I’ve been reading and writing so much nonfiction lately I’m not sure how to answer that; from the non-fiction standpoint I’m slightly obsessed by Annie Dillard’s voice and perspective.

When not reading or writing- what are some other interests?

I love backpacking with my family, and any kind of skiing. Lately we’ve been skiing Nordic more because of the wee ones. I sing with a classical choral group in Seattle. I love to cook. I love any time with my family. And I really enjoy yoga!

What is your favorite song?

I’m pretty much a classical choral music junkie. And like books, I can never pick a favorite, but I just sang in the Britten War Requiem and it was one of the most incredible choral experiences of my life! Of course, if you’ve read North of Hope, you’ll know I love the Mozart Requiem, too.

Shannon- are you a hardback, paperback, or e-book kind of reader?

All three, in the order you asked!

What are some of the books in your TBR (To Be Read) list?

The stacks and lists are deep and long! Into the Backcountry by Steve Edwards is on my list right now, as is Snow Child by Alaskan Eowyn Ivey. I’m in the middle of Still Points North and the Rock Springs story collection.


*Special thanks to Shannon Polson for agreeing to the author spotlight!


Want to learn more about Shannon? She can be found on Facebook, Twitter and her website.


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