Swanson’s Sleuths Street Team Interview 3: Nancy

swanson street teamA few weeks ago, Denise Swanson approached several of us about our opinions of a Street Team. A Street Team can vary from author to author- but for Denise- we hand out bookmarks, post to Twitter and Facebook, take pictures of our books and chatter excitedly about the new book, Murder of a Stacked Librarian (in stores Sept 3rd!)

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting interviews with some of the members- and spreading the word about Scumble River and Densie Swanson. If you enjoy cozy books, I hope you’ll consider trying out a Scumble River book. If you’ve never read a cozy mystery- now’s the perfect time to try!

Interview with Nancy

1. How did you begin reading Denise Swanson books?

My sister got my interested in the Scumble River series.

2. Do you read other cozy mysteries?

Yes I read Cleo Coyle, Joanne Fluke, Heather Blake-Webber many more. I also am a big Janet Evanovich fan, but I am not sure she is considered “cozy” LOL. Another big time favorite author of mine is Mary Daheim. Her Bed and Breakfast mysteries and her Alpine series are really great.

3. You are a member of Swanon’s Sleuths (Denise Swanson’s Street Team to help promote her Scumble River books.) Are you a member of other street teams? What do you think of street teams- are they helpful to authors?

I was thinking of joining Janet Evanovich’s street team but not sure yet. I think they do help the author get the word out about there books!

4. What is your favorite Denise Swanson mystery?

I can’t choose a favorite I love them all!

5. Do you read Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery (Denise Swanson’s other mystery series)? If you do, do you prefer Devereaux’s Dime Store or Scumble River? Or do you like them both?

Love both series of books. I am re-reading Little Shop of Homicide now actually. I need to get the second book.

6. What character in Scumble River would make the BEST best friend forever (BFF)? And why?

Trixie would make a Best best friend forever because she seems loyal but yet not in her friends business 24/7 but she is there when she needs her.  That is something that is great in a friend.

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