Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

recon amelia

Kimberly McCreight’s Reconstructing Amelia was June’s inaugural pick for Book Lovers Unite- and boy, was it a great pick. A compelling read, a good storyline, and a book that lead to a great discussion- Reconstructing Amelia had something for everyone.

Kate is a lawyer at a firm in New York City. In the middle of a meeting about a case that could make her career- Grace Hall, Amelia’s school, calls Kate to tell her Amelia has been suspended immediately for cheating. Kate knows her daughter prides herself on academic achievements- so this news is surreal.  As Kate heads to Grace Hall to get her daughter and find out what happened, Kate notices a crowd and a police presence at Grace Hall.  Kate works through the crowd and then faces the most horrifying news a parent should have to face- Amelia is dead.

Grace Hall states that Amelia jumped to her death due to being caught cheating- but Kate can’t quite believe that. Then she gets a text that changes everything: She didn’t jump.

That text sends Kate on a mission to find out exactly what happened to her beautiful daughter and why Grace Hall is closing ranks.  Kate learns all about Amelia’ social media life- and begins to realize that there were parts to Amelia’s life she had not clue about. Kate gets stonewalled in her many of her attempts, but a mother’s love is strong. And this mother is determined to find out what happened to Amelia.

What Kate finds out is shocking………..

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Compelling. Enjoyable. Dark and mysterious. Suspenseful. Reconstructing Amelia is highly discussable and should be read by parents everywhere. Perfect for book clubs. With themes of the TV show, Gossip Girl and the movie, The Skulls- this book has something for everyone- especially folks who like to read great stories.

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