The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee

the recipe boxSometimes happiness finds you, right in the middle of grief and trying to find yourself.

Grace, recently divorced, trying to make a new life, raise a teenager daughter, Emma, and support her best friend, Leeza, who is battling cancer. Grace- between her job, raising Emma, and flying back and forth from LA to Wisconsin to visit with Leeza, feels overwhelmed- but knows she has to make everything work.

Then, she gets a phone call that no one wants to get- Leeza has passed away. Emma, Grace and Ken (Leeza and Grace’s other best friend) make the trip back to Wisconsin to help Leeza’s husband and to plan a funeral. While back in Wisconsin, Grace sees an old flame, Von, and it makes her feel uneasy about a potential secret she’s been keeping for many years. Grace, firsthand, knows that secrets are not good- a secret played a major role in the relationship with her own mother.

While Grace and Ken are back in Wisconsin- life, even without Leeza, is good. Both Grace and Ken have met people- people that could be in their lives forever. Emma begins to blossom, to change into a person she’s meant to be- instead of rebelling to get her mother’s attention.

Can Grace give up life in LA? Can she find a way to make peace with her own mother about the secret she kept? Can Grace ever make peace with herself about her potential secret she’s keeping from her daughter? Will Grace find out that happiness is right back in her hometown? To find out, read The Recipe Box!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The Recipe Box is cute. Fun. Quick read. Secrets, family, finding yourself, and learning to accept things are themes in this book. Fun characters!


*This book was provided to me by Netgalley. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.



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