A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King

once crowded sky

Superheroes. Comic book style. Novel. This book, A Once Crowded Sky, has it all. Partly told in novel style, partly told in comic book style (with detailed illustrations)- this book is for the adult who loves comics and superheroes.

When the book opens, the reader finds out that the superheroes have had to make ultimate sacrifices to save Arcadia. A mysterious blue flame will destroy everything, everything the superheroes have worked so hard to save, time and time again.  They have to give up their superpowers and the leader, Ultimate- The Man with the Metal Face to protect Arcadia.

After that, the superheroes are back to normal people.  What happens when you go from having superpowers to not having them? But an even better question: What happens when you have denied your superpowers in favor of a normal life- and then one day, you are the only person with a superpower to save Arcadia from a new threat?

Pen Ultimate- the one person who still has his superpowers- has a choice to make. Give up his normal life, the one where he rejects his superpowers or to accept them- and know that life will not be normal again. Pen’s got other problems, as well, though- in the rejecting of his powers- the other superheroes regard him as a coward. Will their opinion change now that he is the most powerful man in the world?

Can Pen, the most powerful man in the world, save Arcadia from the next threat? Does he want to take on that responsibility? Can he and the other superheroes (minus their superpowers) work together? Read Tom King’s A Once Crowded Sky to find the answers!

A Once Crowded Sky is a new take on the superhero/comic book tale for a couple of reasons. First, it combines the likes of a novel and a comic book in a seamless way- which should please literary and comic book fans. Secondly, the storyline- while many comics focus on the main character learning and accepting his new found powers; this is about what happens when the power is lost. How life can go from superhero to normal in a matter of a choice. Conversely- the novel also focuses on going from a normal life to a superhero life. It’s an interesting premise! Recommended for fans of comic books, sci-fi, superhero stories, and action- themed books.


*This book was provided to me through Touchstone Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review. All above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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