Time Flies by Claire Cook

time fliesHigh school reunions- fun or big disappointment? Melanie is about to find out!

Many years ago, Melanie let her husband, Kurt, talk her into leaving their New England beach town home, load up the 2 boys they have and move to Atlanta, Georgia- where the peaches grow, the tea is sweet, and the accents are even sweeter. Melanie adjusts to life in the South and grows to really like it.


When Time Flies opens, the reader finds out that Melanie’s husband has left her for another woman- and that Melanie is struggling with her day to day life. Her boys are grown, she has friends and a job- but life is different- and she’s not sure what her next step should be. When BJ, Melanie’s old high school friend, emails about their upcoming high school reunion- Melanie is resistant. She doesn’t want to go- until an intriguing email from a high school boyfriend catches her attention. She decides to book her trip, and go on the adventure of a lifetime!

However, Melanie’s new driving phobia might put a crimp in her plans.

As Melanie and BJ reunite- their big plans for the reunion happen- some with hilarious results! While Melanie at first thought the reward of her adventure would be the reunion and seeing the ex-boyfriend- she discovers that the lessons she learned along the way were much more important.

Will Melanie find her happy ending back in New England? Or is her happy ending in Atlanta?

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Time Flies is a cute and funny book. Melanie is a great character- dealing with a world where everything has changed and trying to find her way as a single instead of a couple. The high school reunion is funny (and a great touch to the book!) Definitely put this on your To Be Read list- entertaining and enjoyable!

Liked my review? Then read my Interview with Claire Cook– the author!


*This book was won in a giveaway sponsored by Claire Cook. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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