Lori Nelson Spielman: Author Spotlight

IMG_1491_2_4On Tuesday, I posted an interview with Lori Nelson Spielman- who just had her debut novel, The Life List, published! It’s in stores- just waiting for readers to come by and pick it up!

Today, Lori is back to talk about her #literaryconfessions, #literarycrush and more!


Author Spotlight: Lori Nelson Spielman

1. Lori, when you are not writing- what are some of your favorite things to do?

–I love to sail, and here in Michigan we’re lucky to have the fabulous Great Lakes. I love listening to live music, baking, traveling, reading, and being outdoors. Most of all, I love time with my friends and family, sharing a meal or chatting over a glass of wine.

2. Could you tell us some of your favorite authors?

–Some of my all time favorites are John Steinbeck, Maeve Binchey, Elizabeth Berg, and Edith Wharton.

3. What book (or books!) will you always make room for on your shelf?

–The Help and East of Eden. Always.

4. Do you have any #literaryconfessions?

–Ha! Yes, I do! I’ll whisper it to you: I never finished Harry Potter. And I’m not talking the series, I’m talking the first book, The Sorcerer’s Stone. I started reading it with one of my students, but he returned to school before we’d finished and I never picked it back up.

5. Do you have a #literarycrush?

–Okay, this is really a confession, since my crush is based on a real person, the author of Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts. His character, Lindsay, was courageous and kind, strong yet gentle. I listened to this book on audio, so the Australian accent didn’t hurt, either!

6. What are some of the books that will be in your beach bag for 2013?

–Oh my gosh, there are so many fantastic books out there. I’m reading The Glass Wives right now, Amy Sue Nathan’s terrific debut novel, and I just received a copy of Anita Hughes’ Market Street, which is sure to be a fun read. My book club is reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and I hope to find time for Caroline Leavitt’s latest, Is This Tomorrow, along with Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings.

7. What was your favorite childhood book?

–Here’s another #literaryconfession: My childhood library was pretty lame. I did read and love some of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, but mostly I’d swipe and devour my brother’s Encyclopedia Brown books. In third grade Miss Travis read The Boxcar Children to our class and I was completely and utterly spellbound. I’d have to say that was my favorite.

8. Was there a person or a book series that helped start your love of reading?

–I remember being at my grandmother’s house when I was about ten, bored to tears, and finding an old dime store paperback called, First Love. It was my first romance/YA and I couldn’t put it down. That’s when I discovered how much fun it was to get lost in a novel. I’d love to see that silly book now.

9. If you were not an author, what would you want to be?

–My fantasy profession would be either a pastry chef or an actress. I know—acting seems inconsistent with my earlier claim of not enjoying the spotlight or public speaking, right? But something shifts when playing a character. I’ve dabbled in community theater, and someday, when time allows, I’d love to audition again.

10. If you could be a character in a book, who would you be? Why?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be Anne, from Anne of Green Gables, living at the Avonlea farmhouse on Prince Edward Island? She’s a great character, spunky and smart, with a great imagination and joy for life.

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