The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

the silent wifeJodi and Todd- a couple in their 40’s. Not married; but have been living together for 20 years, so a commonlaw marriage. Jodi works part time as a psychologist, Todd works full time as a developer and renovation expert in Chicago. Jodi likes denial, and Todd likes his life- a wife at home to cook and pamper him- but one who won’t ask too many questions about his late nights.

Todd and Jodi, a marriage, a relationship that has been falling apart for some time- and yet has stayed together because they fulfill a want, a need in each other. Todd becomes careless, though, and leaves proof that Jodi cannot deny about his other life. This little action sets forth a series of events that bring Todd and Jodi to a place that no marriage of any sorts should find itself.

Told in alternating tales of Jodi and Todd’s view point, this psychological thriller has much to recommend.  As the reader gets deeper into Jodi and Todd’s story, sees how the past affects the present- it might look easy to take sides. However, by the end of this book- things such as guilt and innocence will be blurred almost beyond recognition.



Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The Silent Wife, A.S.A Harrison’s debut novel, has much to offer. There is a psychological thriller aspect, there is guilt, blame, and denial. Affairs and family secrets also play a role. There is even a slight Gone Girl feel to this book. I was drawn in and captured by Jodi’s thoughts because she lets the reader in on a secret at first- and the reader spends the rest of the book putting it all together. The idea of the book was good. The plot was fine. The story told from each of their perspectives- I loved that. But, Jodi and Todd- they are an unlikeable set of characters- and that’s a good thing. Each of them have traits that are annoying, and yet, understandable as the reader gets further in the story.

This is not a book that is to be read and tossed aside. This is a book that is to be read, discussed, thought about and discussed some more. This is a book that could lead to frank discussions amongst book lovers.



*This book was requested through Netgalley. All above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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