Reconstructing Amelia- Week 2 Thoughts/Discussion

So Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club folks- we are beginning week 2 of Reconstructing Amelia- and I’m hearing a lot of “I Love It” and “It’s so hard to put down”. I LOVE that you are loving this book!

Thoughts/Questions for Week 2:

1. What are you thinking about the Magpies?

2. Are you picking up on any red herrings? I’m seeing a couple of ways this could go- but, are they red herrings? Or what?

3. Do not reply with a name or anything- but is anyone getting a suspicion as to who Amelia’s dad might be?

4. What is the Magpies motivation?

5. Sylvia- BFF or frenemy?

6.  What do you think should happen to social media after you die? Should someone just delete everything? Or not?

7. GraceFULLY is written by someone who is in the know. Is the author everywhere or are there more than 1 authors?

8. Should the school be held liable for some of the things we are finding out?  While most is not taking place on school ground, exactly, some of the things are being discussed and planned on school grounds. Should the school be more involved? Or are they as involved as possible?

9. Dylan- queen bee, wannabe, or an actual nice person who may or may not be game playing?


32 thoughts on “Reconstructing Amelia- Week 2 Thoughts/Discussion

  1. I don’t think the schools should be involved in stuff off school grounds. That is where the responsible parents should be parenting. Not the school. In school yes.

    Sylvia…could go either way… I had a friend like her in school and it isn’t perfect but that is part of growing up.

    • So- what about “in loco parentis”?-Latin for in the place of the parent-refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions responsibilities of a parent.

      I’m not saying your wrong about schools not stepping in off school grounds- but where, if any, does the school have liability for Amelia? What about graceFULLY (if it was written on school grounds?) Does the school have any liability for when the kids skip class- and things may or may not happen?

      At the end of the day, I think parents should take not only an interest in their children- but be actively involved in their life- however, I’m wondering about the school- and if they failed Amelia.

      I think as the story unfolds Sylvia is going to get tons more interesting- because there just seems to be something about her.

  2. Carrie Rice says:

    Oh, this school!!! I’m not buying the whole “if it isn’t on school grounds, it isn’t our problem” thing. I kinda find that to be a cop-out.
    Sylvia gets on my nerves. She is rude.

    • The school- I think the school is at least liable for what happened to Amelia- but the rest of the stuff (the graceFULLY, the clubs) I think the school needed to be more aware of this. Or willing to take a stand.

      Sylvia- she’s getting on my nerves- but I can’t decide my overall feeling on her!

  3. More difficult to answer since I finished book.
    I think if its a school club the school should be involved.
    I think Sylvia is her friend.
    I think Dylan is a wannabe. Always got the followe vibe from her.
    I detest the Magpies
    IMO and what I tell my kids, social and media and the computer and smart phone information are forever. Be careful
    This book really kept my attention!!

    • Anita I was thinking the same thing! Hard to answer since I skipped ahead to finish…. I do think Dylan just wants to be liked and the Magpies are the worst.

      It is true that whatever you put there in SM is out there and it baffles me how even adults don’t recognize that. As Elecia gets older and is starting to use the Internet for school projects I am grateful mike and I never out anything out there that would embarrass her.

      • I Can’t wait to read more 🙂

        Oh the people who don’t understand social media- oh sometimes it just makes me so mad to see what people are posting- I want to say- basically, everything you say- you are saying to everyone on the internet. Think about it!

      • It’s even better when you are involved in a custody dispute and the other side continually (and stupidly) puts more asinine stuff on social media and the internet that can (and will) eventually be used against them. And that is all I will say on that matter 🙂

      • Oh girl- I know exactly what you are talking about. Crappy “parents” and their silly ways- I’ve known too many situations like this.

        What I want to tell parents is this: You decided to have a child. A child is not something you can return if you don’t like it. Which is why you need to be DARN sure before you have a kid that you are ready. And if you and the child’s father find out you can’t be together- there is no shame in that. It happens. But you both owe it to the child you brought in this world to be good parents (even if you aren’t together!)

    • I so want to finish- and yet I need to make sure I don’t reveal too much in the discussion. I’m trying to decide if I’ll just go ahead and finish- b/c it is so good!

      The school- I just think that somehow they are involved more than what it appears- I’m getting a sketchy feeling from some ppl.

      Sylvia- I don’t know quite what to think of her. On one hand, typical teenage girl. But, I’ve seen way too many lifetime movies- so I’m wondering about her.

      Dylan, Dylan- ok so she’s kinda cool (imo). But, and I’m just totally speculating- I wonder if Dylan won’t be the catalyst for Amelia’s downfall?

      Magpies- some rich girls who gets off on the being in power? And I hate Zadie.

      Yes, Social Media lives on forever- could Amelia’s stuff be deleted? Yes- but it’s still there, somewhere.

      I’m glad the book kept your attention!

  4. I think parents need to be much more in the know about social media. You see that Amelia’s mom was completely unaware of all the nonsense going on with the Maggie’s. the picture of Amelia posing? I’d be heartbroken! Social media can be the devil.
    I think Sylvia “seems” like a friend. She is very self absorbed, but I think that’s very typical of teenagers.
    Dylan is a follower, but I wish she’d say something to Zadie! Zadie is so awful!
    Schools are always liable, even out of school bounds. Trust me from experience.

    Loving it! Great pick, Tamara!

    • Agree! Parents not should be more involved- They NEED to be involved. Learn how it works, keep tabs on the kids and don’t be afraid to be a parent.

      The pictures- I don’t think the Maggies even have a concept of how long “forever” is on the internet.

      Syliva- self-absorbed, yes!

      Dylan- with her being a follower- probably won’t say anything to Zadie. Zadie is awful.
      What are you thinking about Zadie picking Amelia for Magpies? Did she do it to make her life h*ll?

      YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking about the school. I think they are liable. No one sends their children to school to have them hurt or worse.

      Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad everyone is loving it!

  5. I am really loving this book! 🙂 So glad I joined the book club 🙂

    I think the Magpies are horrible!!! It does give off a “Mean Girls” vibe and similar to “Gossip Girl” with that gracefully blog! And I think their motivation is just to ruin people’s lives! When you think about, the stuff they do is pretty pointless anyway! But it’s high school, so it’s all a game.

    I think Sylvia means well… but she seems to be very insecure to me. Her character is a bit annoying, actually! But I’m not sure what to think of her just yet… I guess I’ll have to see how it plays out with her.

    Social media is definetely playing a role in Kate finding out stuff about Amelia’s life, so it’s very helpful for her!

    I honestly think gracefully is written by multiple people!

    I’m still not exactly sure how I feel about Dylan. I think she means well to Amelia, but feels so much pressure from the Magpies, especially Zadie! So I think it’s hard for Dylan to really be herself and she’s kind of just following along with the Magpies.

    • So glad you joined as well! Glad I saw you on Twitter!

      I think the Magpies are giving off the Mean Girls vibe, def. But even worse than how Mean Girls( the movie) was!
      graceFULLY is so reminding me of Gossip Girl. Totally.

      Magpies- motivation- is their motivation to eliminate some of these girls as competition for colleges? Make them do something that would knock them out of getting into an Ivy League school?

      Sylvia- self-absorbed, needy, and insecure. But I think she’s potentially got a mean streak.

      Yes, social media is helping Kate find out things about Amelia.

      I kind of like the idea that graceFULLY is written by 1 person- BUT with as much stuff as they report- it almost seems it has to be a group of people.

      Dylan- a follower, yes,- but I wonder if there’s more to Dylan.

  6. Carrie Rice says:

    I feel so sorry for Kate. I think she did the best she could.

    Melody, Zadie needs a swift kick in the pants!

    • I’m feeling sorry for Kate as well. It must be hard to lose your child- and then to have all the rest of this happening.

      YES! Zadie- a quick swift kick to her pants is so needed!

  7. k2reader says:

    First, I just want to say how much I am loving this book. I can’t stop thinking about it and am doing my best to not read ahead, as I don’t want that to have any impact on how I answer the questions each week. Great pick!!!

    I think the Magpies, and Zadie especially, are using the club as a way to feel all-important. Maybe they are insecure and believe that being in this club, and being a leader of the club in Zadie’s case, gives them a status they wouldn’t otherwise have…still trying to figure out why someone really would want to be part of this club other than trying to be cool.

    I went to public school and while we had cliques, there weren’t any social clubs like this. Even the college I went to didn’t have fraternities and sororities. I’ve never understood the whole hazing thing – why would you put yourself through all that silliness just to be part of a group.

    Anyone else wondering why sometimes the club is referred to as the Magpies and sometimes it’s the Maggies?

    I have mixed feelings about Sylvia. I think she believes she’s a true friend to Amelia, but is quite insecure about herself at times. Not sure how much she really knows about what’s going on.

    Dylan – not sure about her. At times, I feel that she’s sincere in her interactions with Amelia, but at other times, I do wonder if she’s playing Amelia. Looking forward to seeing how that all plays out.

    As far as the school and liability – that’s a gray area. Yes, they are absolutely liable for anything that occurs on school grounds. As far as the gracefully newsletter, I think they are liable for that, too – whether it’s done on school grounds or not. I think it’s up to the staff to know what is happening in their school with their kids. Especially with the use of social media in today’s society. I also think parents really need to be on top of this, too.

    • Thank you!
      I KNOW! Like I want to read ahead- and yet, I want to be fresh in mind so I can ask questions and discuss and not have ending influence!

      Yes (re: The Magpies and Zadie). Trying to feel important, trying to be something.

      I went to two different schools in my life during elem and high school. The first school, my class was all cliquey. But the 2nd, and the 1 I was more happy with- we were not that cliquey. Did we have friends we preferred to hang out with? Yep. But overall, we could all hang together and be ok.

      My college had Greek life- but I wasn’t Greek. Sometimes I regret it, but mostly I don’t. I don’t like anyone telling me what to do. Hazing would be annoying.

      Yes- I’m trying to recall who calls them the Maggies and who calls them the Magpies. Maybe it’ll become clearer to us as book goes on.

      Sylvia- yep, yep, yep. I sometimes think she knows more than she’s saying- but I could be wrong.

      Dylan- I think that while she may be sincere (at least somewhat) she’ll never really show everyone her true self- and she may not even know her true self.

      Yes! It is a gray area- I still think the school has some, if not a major portion of liability- but I can see where it’s a gray area. I think that the newsletter is part of their liability as well. And YES parents need to be more aware!!

      To EVERYONE: graceFULLY posts some news about Amelia- but it’s something that only 2 people (as the story is showing now) could know. Did Kim tip her hand at who the writer of graceFULLY is? Thoughts!

      • I did go to a college with fraternities and sororities. In fact I’m a sorority girl and I can say we had pretty strict no hazing rules/policies so my initiation in was nothing like what is being described in RA. From my experience with private school – both personally and professionally – sometimes too much money can be a bad thing. In other words there is a sense of entitlement and even boredom. And I think that is what is happening with the Maggies – too bored

  8. klicense says:

    Ok, week 2..can hardly wait for Friday so I can read for week 3! I have a strong feeling about who Amelia’s father is and it is someone I don’t want it to be:) In general I have the same feelings about clubs like the magpies and sororities as Kate does in the book. I think if not started for the right reasons and run properly, they can do great harm to kids’ self esteem. I have bad feelings about the magpies. I think it is run as a mean girls’ club. That there are serious things wrong with Zadie and she is taking her pain out on the girls. I wonder why she wanted Amelia in the club? I also wonder about Dylan. Either she is using Amelia, setting her up or at the very least Dylan is involved in Amelia’s death. Not sure I trust her. I love the author’s writing style. There are so many red herrings I this book: is this person bad? good? what is her/his motivation? Is Jeremy good? Ben? The headmaster? Liz the teacher? The neighbor? PTO mom? So many ways this could go. I can understand why some ppl have not enjoyed this book. Some things are uncomfortable to think about and talk about. However, I read for entertainment, to learn and to push myself. So I am really enjoying this.

    • YES! Me too! I have a strong feeling about Amelia’s dad- I actually have 2 strong feelings- one is almost Too obvious, tho, so I think sneaky Kim and red herring at work.

      I’m not against sororities or secret societies- but, like Kate, I’m not a huge fan either.

      The magpies are making me feel anxious- I think Zadie’s motivation is that she’s jealous of Amelia- although IDK why exactly. Maybe b/c Amelia would be a lock for the Ivy League- and Zadie isn’t?

      I think Amelia is going to learn a very tough lesson about her first “love”.

      YES- so many red herrings. And I LOVE it 🙂

      I’m loving this book, but like you, Kristin, I can see why some people are nervous about this book. This is tough situations and prob hit too close to home for some people.

  9. I’m at my parents with my kids so I can only grab a minute to comment and my dad’s computer is archaic. I have found myself very emotionally tied up in this book. Maybe it’s because I’m a parent and already freaked out about my kids growing up. Basically, I’m scared to death. I see a lot of very realistic and scary things happening in this book (I haven’t read ahead of schedule).

    I think what scares me the most is watching Amelia, a very bright, good girl, fall into the peer pressure trap even though in her heart she knows it’s not a good idea. The scene where she decides to take the pictures even though she really is uncomfortable just breaks my heart. And every time she starts to talk to her mom and then something interrupts, I just get sick.

    I suppose I could say that I’m enjoying the book because it’s well written and intriguing and I’m totally invested in the characters. I feel for Kate because I think she was naive and really tried to be a good parent even though she was completely unaware of what was going on.

    • Oh Cindi-

      I think all what you said just nailed this on the head. Here is Amelia- a bright, smart girl- and peer pressure plays a major role in her downfall.
      Saying that, though, do you think that if Amelia had known (from Kate anyway) who her father was- that might have altered the story some?

      I can totally see why a parent is enjoying this book- and yet, unsettled by it at same time!

      • I think that if Kate had been honest with Amelia about her father, Amelia might have been more willing to open up to Kate about everything. Their relationship is not as open as it could be because Kate isn’t forthcoming and Amelia knows it.

        I’m not far enough to know how the texts about her dad ultimately play into the plot, but if Amelia knew the truth the texts might have been innocuous.

        I don’t trust any of the kids.

      • YES! Agreed. And totally about the Kate/Amelia relationship.

        I’m not far enough either- but the texts have a role in this. I wonder if Kate’s secret is as terrible as she thinks or if Amelia could have handled it.

        I don’t trust any of those kids either!

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