Reconstructing Amelia- Sign Up for June Read-Along w/ Book Lovers Unite

Looking for a new book to read for June? Join in and read Reconstructing Amelia (beginning May 31st!) recon amelia

Do you have to sign up and let people know you are going to read? No, but since being in a book club is supposed to be fun (and you wouldn’t go to a book club in real life without introducing yourself 😉 So, in the comments section, just say something like “I’m In!” or “Can’t Wait to Read!” Are on Twitter? Let us know (if you want to connect with book loving folks!)

Here are some links that will provide answers, guidelines and more about Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club (and the reading schedule for Reconstructing Amelia!)

Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club

Reading Schedule for Reconstructing Amelia

Reconstructing Amelia (Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club June 2013 pick)


Hope to see you around!

Happy Reading,

Traveling With T


18 thoughts on “Reconstructing Amelia- Sign Up for June Read-Along w/ Book Lovers Unite

  1. Kim Reinhardt says:

    I’ve got the book placed on hold from the library once it is processed! Hopefully on time! So I’m in!

    • Welcome Kim! So glad you can join in! Just come WHENEVER you can- and since you are checking out from library- feel free to read ahead (just make notes of what you want to add for the discussion according to the reading schedule!)

  2. I won a copy of this last month, so I’m in! I was planning to read it this month anyways, it will be great to discuss it with others!

    • Oh neat- feel free to look over our weekly reading/discussion schedule and chime in with your thoughts 🙂 (Just please no spoilers for ahead of the reading schedule- we have people who are still waiting to get their books from library, sadly)

      Would love to hear more about your thoughts and what other books you will be reading for murder mystery monthly theme! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

    • Hey! Just saw the tweet where you finished! YAY! And glad you are joining in!
      Just look back over the reading schedule (b/c it’s also the guide for what we will discuss weekly!) Because some of us do not have the book (yet!) and so we don’t spoil it for others- we’re just discussing a bit a time. Join in when you can- and if you have any questions- just tweet me or post them here!

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