The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan

Evie Glass and Nicole Glass- two women of different backgrounds who have few things in common- except the fact that they have both been married to Richard Glass. That’s not all they share, though. They both share the grief of Richard dying and his children with the respective wives growing up without a father.

After Richard’s death- Evie is almost looking forward to not having Nicole in her life anymore. With Richard not being around, Evie thinks that she and Nicole will have few reasons to interact- no more Nicole being a stepmother to the twins of Evie’s.  Nicole has other ideas, though. She wants the twins to still be a part of her life for the relationship that she hopes the half-siblings will have- even with their father passing away.

Evie’s nervous, she’s not sure if she should trust Nicole. Then with financial reality weighing on Evie and with the twins still wanting to have interaction with Nicole and their baby brother- Evie and Nicole come to a tentative agreement about living together. Life is ok, not perfect; but not terrible- till a secret comes to light.

With that information, Evie has to decide a few things- can she ever trust Nicole? Could Evie be strong enough to have a life with just her and the twins? And family- what makes a family? Is family just the people you were born with or can you choose people to be part of your family?

The Glass Wives takes several topics: divorce, affairs, death, trusting people, and finding yourself- and interweaves the topics into a tale that is honest, understandable, and enjoyable.  Book clubs will rejoice over the level of discussion that this book has potential to provoke amongst members.

* This book was requested through Netgalley. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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