Big Daddy’s Rules: Raising Daughters is Tougher Than I Look by Steve Schirripa

I’m not Steve Schirripa’s target audience for his book about raising daughters. A woman is not his target audience- since he calls his book Big Daddy’s Rules. However, the book was offered to me- and I enjoy funny advice books. Plus, I liked him on Sopranos so- I decided to read. From the cover, I was expecting a book that was just laugh a minute- with some nuggets of advice thrown in- some of that armchair advice that seems to get passed around.

Big Daddy’s Rules is so much more. Yes, it has funny moments. Yes, some of the advice is advice you can read in other books. But it’s more- it’s so much more than that. Steve tells stories about his girls, his friends, and the way he parents. He’s not a push-over, he’s not into talking about the child’s feelings all the time, or employing a nanny. His parenting advice is not advice that most hear lately because it’s not “pop psychology” advice. It’s things like being there, taking an active interest in your child, not letting them do everything they want just because they want to. It’s things like instead of being tuned into the TV or the internet- spend some time with your child, treasure the moments. He takes the advice that most hear today of the whole “praise your child for everything” and lets the reader know what he thinks of that (he’s not a fan, by the way!)

Big Daddy’s Rules is not a fancy advice book. It’s a man that wants to tell other men- be there for your kid. Provide. Be involved. He says it in ways that men can relate to though (and yes, he curses)- but it works. Think of Big Daddy’s Rules like a group of men, of fathers, drinking a beer and watching a game. Think of this book like they are welcoming you to the group with stories disguised as advice. Think of this book like a place to turn when you need a story to guide your days of fatherhood. Read because  Big Daddy’s Rules are rules fathers should know and use in their role of being a father.

Buy this book for the man in your life, buy to give to the man who’s about to become a dad for the first time, or a man who has multiple children. Perfect gift for Father’s day or for anytime!

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